Common EEOICPA Questions


Benefits for Nuclear and Uranium Workers

Do we have to pay for the care ourselves then submit the bill for reimbursement?

No. we submit all bills for our services directly to the US Department of Labor. There are no bills or complicated payment forms sent to you or your family.

I’m a diabetic, but my white card was only issued to cover me for an old cancer. Can I still get help in my home?

Probably not. The health benefits you receive from the Department of Labor must be related to the covered conditions shown by the three digit diagnosis codes on the white benefits card.

How do I or a family member qualify for free in-home care?

For those ill former nuclear weapons workers and uranium miners that have filed a claim and received benefits under the Energy Employees program (EEOICPA), they will have received a white benefits card that entitles them to receive all medical care needed to treat or care for their covered conditions, at no cost to them.

What if I’m not too sick? Can I still get some help?

Yes. Your doctor can order whatever level of care your covered conditions warrant, ranging from a single visit a month to a few visits a week to full-time care.

How about if my covered condition caused or contributed to another illness? For example, I got a card for my beryllium disease, and my doctor said it probably caused the onset of my diabetes due to my steroid treatments.

In cases where the covered condition or its treatment leads to additional illnesses, the answer is probably yes. Contact your district Claims Examiner at the Department of Labor to see about adding new illnesses as “covered conditions” to your benefits card. Depending on the illnesses and your medical history, they may add the condition right away or request additional information from your doctor.

What if I or my doctor decides I need more or less care in the future?

We will provide whatever level of care your doctor orders. It is common for us to both increase or decrease the amount of care a patient receives, all in consultation with your doctor.

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