Five Ways Monitoring Services and Medical Alert Systems Have Transformed The Home Care Industry

Author: Home Helpers Home Care

Some people are reluctant to bring technology into their homes, but for Henry B. of Martinsburg, West Virginia, it was a lifesaver.

Henry has been using Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care, a personal emergency response system, or PERS, for five years. One evening, while he was home alone, he began to feel pain between his shoulder and his back. He didn’t want to go to the hospital, but as the pain increased, he grew worried and decided to push the emergency button on his device. Immediately, an ambulance was dispatched to his house, and his family was notified so that he could get the care that he needed. To learn more about Henry’s story, visit our website.

In medical emergencies, such as Henry’s situation, seconds matter, and someone may not always be around to help. That’s why having resources such as Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care can make a difference in getting help as quickly as possible.

Advances in monitoring services and medical alert systems technology, like Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care, have been a game changer for the home care industry. Here are five ways it has transformed the industry for the better:

  1. ENABLING INDEPENDENCE FOR OLDER ADULTS – Many studies and polls have shown that older adults prefer to age in place in the comfort of their home for as long as they can. Whether the client is recovering from surgery or lives alone and needs assurance in case of an emergency, monitoring technology enables older adults to maintain their independence at home for longer than would otherwise be possible. Additionally, it offers peace of mind for family members because they know that help is available in the event of an emergency, day or night, even when their loved one is alone.
  1. STAYING CONNECTED WITH FAMILY CAREGIVERS – The Circle of Care mobile app is a centralized hub offered through Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care, designed to make Caregiver-related communications seamless for family, loved ones, and Home Helpers® Home Care Caregivers (as needed). The app gives real-time updates, including call center responses, instant fall notifications or emergency events, live, two-way check-in calls, and more so that everyone can stay in the loop.
  1. REAL-TIME MONITORING WITH PROFESSIONAL DASHBOARD – This dashboard, provided via the Circle of Care mobile app, offers families rich, actionable data, including activity times, locations and trends, system status such as battery life, and emergencies. The dashboard will additionally show data on the environment, such as room temperature, air quality (VOC/CO2), and ambient light. This allows the family to check in on their loved one’s well-being from the convenience of their mobile device, from anywhere at any time.
  1. AUTOMATIC FALL DETECTION – According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), every second of every day, an older adult suffers a fall, making it the leading cause of injury and injury death in this age group. That’s why Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care offers wearable devices that are equipped with automatic fall detection. If a fall is detected and the notification is not canceled by the users, that person’s emergency contact will be notified instantly, allowing them to get the care they need as quickly as possible.
  1. VOICE ACTIVATED CALLING – During an emergency, getting help quickly is crucial. The Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care devices can connect directly to the Emergency Response Center simply by repeating the word “emergency”. There’s no dial or button required. The professional response team is always on hand, ready to offer the right level of support—whether it is the family or emergency services.

Our mission at Home Helpers® Home Care is to help people live independently and comfortably wherever they choose to call home. A critical component of our care program is the ability to provide the most advanced 24-hour monitoring service so seniors can stay safer and more connected while remaining in their home or on the go.

Are you or a loved one in need of in-home care? Home Helpers® Home Care is here to help. For over 25 years, we have provided exceptional in-home care for seniors, new moms and families, and those with disabilities, illness, or recovering from injury or surgery.

We’re here to be a trusted partner in your care needs journey, with a team of compassionate professionals supporting you every step of the way. Our services and care plans are customizable, so you receive just the right amount of care and can be adjusted as needs change.





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