Three Ways In-home Care is a Valuable Resource for Supporting Heart Health in Seniors

Author: Home Helpers Home Care

Heart disease is a condition that impacts 86.5 million Americans and is the leading cause of disability, constrained activity, and diminished quality of life. According to the National Institute on Aging, people 65 and older are much more likely than younger people to suffer a heart attack, have a stroke, or develop coronary heart disease and heart failure.

While lifestyle changes like diet and exercise can help mitigate heart disease, some people may need additional support. Home Helpers® Home Care is here to help make life easier. Our in-home care services can provide valuable assistance to those who need help with preventative care, recovery, and ongoing support.

Here are three ways we can help.

  1. SUPPORTING PREVENTATIVE CARE WITH NUTRITION AND WELL-BEING – Preventative care services such as annual physicals, lab tests, and screenings are the best defense to help detect heart issues early on. Home Helpers can assist with transportation to and from appointments in the event the person is unable to drive themselves, and the family is not available.

    Healthy lifestyle changes such as getting more physical activity, eating a healthy diet, limiting alcohol use, and stopping tobacco product use are just a few ways to help reduce the risk of heart disease. Additionally, understanding your family’s health history could provide crucial information that can help reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

    From meal planning to shopping for the ingredients to cooking the meal, our Exceptional Caregivers happily support clients by making their favorite foods and assisting with modifications to recipes to manage a healthy heart. We also offer a line of ready-to-eat options specially designed for the nutritional needs of seniors with heart health concerns.

    Our care team helps encourage physical and mental activity, whether by taking an afternoon walk, sharing a meal, listening to music, or partaking in an activity the client enjoys.
  2. SERVICES TO SUPPORT RECOVERY AND REDUCE HOSPITAL READMISSIONS – After a cardiac event, the transition back home can be challenging. It’s critical that discharge instructions are followed to reduce the risk of being readmitted to the hospital.

    Our Home Helpers team makes the transition back home easier by taking care of tasks such as driving the client home upon discharge, preparing the house, picking up prescriptions, providing medication reminders, running errands, and more. We even assist with transportation to and from follow-up appointments and therapy visits.

    Home Helpers also offers 24-hour monitoring using its state-of-the-art technology, Direct Link®, powered by Aloe Care. The voice-activated medical alert and communication system allows the client to reach help in the event of a fall or emergency, without needing to wear a device or push a button. Additionally, the monitoring unit can be used just like a phone to communicate with the client to see how they’re doing and remind them to take their medications.
  3. ONGOING SUPPORT TO ENSURE CARE PLAN COMPLIANCE – Recovering from a cardiac event takes time, and our team is here to provide ongoing assistance.

    During recovery and after, the ability to care for one’s hygiene can be a growing challenge, especially as mobility changes. Our Caregivers are fully trained and insured to provide support while preserving dignity. Maintaining consistent compliance with one's care plan improves quality of life and can reduce unnecessary visits to the emergency room.

    Our team can provide wellness calls as often as needed to provide medication reminders or just check in. Our Direct Link® powered by Aloe Care monitoring system can also be used for times when family or Caregivers cannot be onsite.

Whatever your care plan requires, Home Helpers® Home Care is here to be a trusted partner in your heart health journey, with a team of compassionate professionals supporting you every step of the way. Our specialized support services help at each phase of care — prevention, recovery, and ongoing care.





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