Five Ways You Can Tell Your Senior Might Be Undernourished

Author: Hilary Eldridge

If your senior isn’t eating enough or she’s eating lots of junk foods, she’s likely under-nourished. How can you tell for sure, though?

Her Skin Isn’t Looking Well

You can tell a lot about your senior’s health by looking at her skin. Skin that isn’t getting what it needs can be dull or flaky and she might find that her skin is itchy or feels tight and uncomfortable. By eating healthy fats, protein, and getting plenty of vitamins and minerals, your senior’s skin can improve again.

She Appears to Be Dehydrated

Dehydration affects every system in your senior’s body and if she’s not eating well, she’s probably not getting enough water, either. Some of the signs of dehydration could include extremely dry skin, dry mouth and eyes, or trouble urinating. Talk with your senior’s doctor about how much water is right for her to be drinking on a daily basis.

Her Digestive Tract Is Off

If your senior is experiencing nausea frequently or she’s having other digestive issues, she might not be getting the nutrients that she needs. Gut health relies on getting the right nutrients so that the healthy bacteria in the digestive tract get the nutrients they need so they produce what your senior needs. Any changes to her digestive health can mean she’s not getting what she needs.

Her Energy Levels Are Lower than Usual

How much energy your senior seems to have also can clue you in to what is going on with her nutritional health. Undereating or eating foods that are low in nutritional value gives your senior little of what she needs in order to keep her energy levels high. She needs to be eating plenty of protein along with fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats to keep her energy furnace going.

Her Brain Doesn’t Seem to Be Functioning Well

If your senior seems confused more often than usual, the culprit could be her diet. The brain relies mostly on healthy fats to keep running and if she’s gotten rid of a lot of the fat in her diet, including the healthy versions, her brain may be suffering a bit.

Sometimes aging adults eat less than they should because it’s a hassle to cook and to think about everything involved in cooking. If that’s the case for your senior, consider hiring home care providers to take over that task for her. They can cook healthy meals daily, ensuring she’s getting just the right mix of nutrients in a tasty format.



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