Hospice Care Support in Lehigh Valley, PA

At Home Helpers® Home Care of Lehigh Valley, our team of Hospice Support Caregivers can provide the empathetic and delicate care needed while family members are able to spend quality time with their loved one.

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Home-based hospice care is an option for seriously ill patients who prefer to live at home during their final days. With hospice care, the focus of care shifts to the comfort of patients, attending to their emotional needs and spiritual well-being. Usually, the patient will receive care from a team of doctors, nurses and aides who have the specialized knowledge to reduce anxiety for them and for their family. There are many reasons families need 24/7 hospice care at home. The actual hours of care provided by staff of the hospice provider might amount to less than 10 hours a week, so families are often looking for more.


Yes, just as care is provided for those with other illnesses, hospice care is an option for cancer patients. Working alongside their other professional teams, Home Helpers caregivers can provide comfort, support, and dignity for the patient and their loved ones.


What does a hospice support caregiver mean and what are the benefits? Hospice care supported by Home Helpers Caregivers can provide many benefits:

  • When a Home Helpers professional provides the caregiving, family members are free to spend invaluable time with their loved ones and celebrate their life.
  • The Home Helpers Caregiver can function as part of the hospice care team, along with nurses, social workers, nurse care managers, volunteers and spiritual counselors.
  • Patients appreciate the support of hospice professionals and in-home Caregivers, who allow them to feel less of a burden to family members.
  • Most importantly, it allows loved ones to experience their remaining time in comfort and enjoy the company of family and friends.
  • Respite for Family Caregivers
  • Emotional & Spiritual Support
  • Light Housekeeping & Laundry
  • Meal Preparation & Feeding
  • Medication Reminders
  • Home Helpers’ Field Nurses Support and Expertise

Our team of Hospice Support Caregivers can help provide comfort to loved ones and respite to families, and are able to serve in either home or facility environments.

Steps to Care

  • 1.

    INITIAL CALL - Once we’ve received your information, we will have a detailed call to gather more information on the care situation, answer any pressing concerns, and set up a time to meet in person.

  • 2.

    IN-HOME CARE ASSESSMENT - Here we will answer all your questions, and ask some of our own to craft a Cared-4℠ Customized Care Plan to your unique needs.

  • 3.

    START OF CARE - We will come with our Caregiver on the first day of care to go through the Care Plan together and help with introductions.

  • 4.

    CLIENT VISITS - Once we have begun care, we will pop in at times our Caregiver is there to see how things are going and determine if we need to adjust the Care Plan.

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