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JUNE 2024 – Ellen Y.

Ellen Y, a resident of Bethlehem, has been a caregiver for Home Helpers since April of 2023. Ellen brought to Home Helpers 8 years of experience as a certified nursing assistant (C.N.A.) as well as other work experience which brough her great customer service skills. Ellen quickly proved herself capable of serving a variety of clients, and was assigned to be the primary caregiver for several customers. After proving herself with outstanding customer service month after month, she was promoted to the position of FT “on-call caregiver” in September 2023. Ellen supports our agency by providing availability from 7a to 7p, 4 weekdays a week, plus every other weekend. Ellen is available to cover last-minute call outs or emergencies, and also rapid response situations requested by our clients. Ellen is one of 11 in this invaluable role for Home Helpers, which is truly a market differentiator for our agency, where remarkable customer service is at the heart of everything we do.

When Ellen is needed to support our clients on short notice, she readily accepts the assignment and is on her way, eager to serve our customers who she may have never met before. According to Melony Horn, RN, and Client Care Coordinator for Home Helpers, Ellen is very calming and very objective in her viewpoint. Her soft approach is why her clients adore her, and are thrilled when she covers a shift for them. Ellen is also outstanding in rapid response situations.

We asked Ellen for some feedback as well. She stated that she enjoys the sense of teamwork created by the LV leadership group, and could not ask for a better group of people to work with. “Truthfully, I have never had a job as rewarding as this! Having individual time with clients, versus the volume she had to deal with as a C.N.A., makes it feel like she is part of a family. When I am assigned last minute to a client in this on-call role, I enjoy the challenge of winning over new personalities.”

Congratulations Ellen on the acknowledgement, and keep up the remarkable service to our customers!

May 2024 – Lenny J.

Yorlanda “Lenny” J has been an employee of Home Helpers for over 3 years now. A resident of the greater Allentown area, Lenny joined Home Helpers with a wealth of experience dealing with people in caring settings. Eager to transition her skills with children to seniors, Lenny bonded with our nurse, Melony, and was like a sponge taking in the hands-on training we offer. Lenny brought to us tremendous availability and quickly became very busy with individual clients, but more so with our concierge care program at Luther Crest CCRC in Allentown. She quickly became our top “go-to” concierge caregiver, and currently works 5 days a week in the role, often both am and pm shifts, where she completes up to 50 client visits a week! Lenny is the smiling and friendly face of Home Helpers at Luther Crest, and is well known by residents and staff/management alike. When she gets some down time between clients, Lenny never rests. Instead, she is busy saying hello to former clients and meeting potential new ones! In fact, Lenny has been directly responsible for several new client referrals at LC because of her relationships there. This attitude and approach to her job has earned her the nomination for Exceptional Caregiver.

Maggie (Regional Manager) and Melony, RN (client care coordinator) joined Home Helpers’ co-owner Frank for the visit. Lenny was emotional with the recognition and very grateful for the praise heaped upon her by Maggie and Melony. Lenny definitely makes their roles easier, as attested by the many management personnel who stopped by to join the celebration and thank Lenny for taking such great care of their residents who need a little extra support to remain in their level of care.

Kudos to you, Lenny!


Louise L. a resident of southeastern Lehigh County, joined the Home Helpers Home Care team in 2013, making her another one of our many caregivers with over a decade of service. Prior to joining Home Helpers, Louise had years of experience as a private duty aide, working with a variety of clients in the Lehigh Valley. Louise is an overnight care provider and generally works 10 to 12-hour shifts with clients who are at risk when alone at night. She is the consummate professional who walks into any client’s home and puts their mind at ease, showing that she is competent, with an engaging personality, and has the maturity to calm anxious care recipients. Louise’s track record of reliability and timeliness, a critical component of overnight shift work, is second to none.

We are highlighting her relationship with her current client, who lives west of Allentown, and has been a 24/7 client of Home Helpers for about 16 months now. Our services allow our client to remain safely in her home, and age in place. Louise currently covers 4, 12-hour shifts a week. Joining her in receiving this award is Natalie B, a resident of Easton, who currently covers 4, 12-hour day shifts, often overlapping, and collaborating, with Louise. Natalie has only been employed by Home Helpers for one year now, but she has hit the ground running. This was was her very first client, and she has been with her since day one. Natalie’s previous experience as a caregiver was primary with family members, but she has embraced the hands-on training received at Home Helpers, and delighted her clients throughout the Lehigh Valley, especially this client.

Maggie Dominici, Regional Manager for the Lehigh Valley, and Melony Horn, RN, Client Care Coordinator, visited Natalie at our client’s home to offer congratulations to her for this well-deserved honor. They recognized her commitment to our company and remarkable service to our client. According to Maggie, her client spoke proudly “about how much she loves Natalie and Louise and how grateful she and her family are for Home Helpers’ support.” Our client was absolutely delighted that both received the award. Louise is pictured below and then Natalie.  Congratulations to both of them for this recognition!



Eileen S, a resident of Philadelphia, has been a live-in caregiver with Home Helpers Home Care since July of 2015. As one of our veteran live-in caregivers, Eileen has shown, again and again, that she has a natural gift as a caregiver. Anytime a client begins live-in care, there is obvious concern about whether it will be a good fit. After all, this person will be sharing space in their home, and functioning as a team with the client and their families every day! Without fail, from the onset of care, Eileen puts our clients’ minds (and those of their family members) at ease. Eilleen states that she has a passionate calling to be a live-in caregiver, and she seeks to deliver a remarkable experience on every case. With her commitment to service, along with her deep experience handling any type of care needed, Eileen is a logical fit for nearly any client we select for her. Without fail, those clients are thrilled to have Eileen in place. Her maturity, demeanor and professionalism are second to none.

photo of lady holding flowers in her kitchen

Over the past 4 years, Eileen has served 9 clients, many for extended periods of time and one for 17 months! We are featuring her impact on her current client, who lives in the Lehigh Valley. Eileen initiated care with him in February 2023, our first day of service for this client, and she has remained in place to this day. Her client is 98 years young, a WWII veteran, and was living independently until a fall resulted in a fracture that needed surgical repair. The family knew that it was not safe for their father to return home from rehab without significant care, and made the decision to introduce Home Helpers Home Care’s live-in services.

The family has stated on multiple occasions how happy they are with the decision to hire Home Helpers Home Care, and note that Eileen’s presence brings them great peace of mind every day. Our Client remarked during the presentation of the award, that “if I had a daughter, she would be just like Eileen, because she cares for me like one.” He stated that “she is a caring person, whose passion for this work is evident in everything she does. She keeps me safe at all times, and most importantly, she is an excellent cook, far superior than anyone else!” Eileen prides herself in being proactive in her approach to care, and seeks to prevent potentially dangerous situations from happening. Her client joked, “yes, I can’t make it far without my walker,” as Eileen smiled in agreement.

Melony Horn, Nurse Care Manager for this client, is thrilled to have Eileen in place with him. “Eileen is proactive, an excellent communicator, and a logical problem solver. She brings great stability to the home, and follows the plan of care perfectly, which has kept him safe and comfortable. We are so pleased to be an instrumental part of this success story!”

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