Direct Link 24-Hour Monitoring Serves Seniors Living Alone

Author: Debbie Humphrey

After six months, the coronavirus is still alive and surging in Florida. I hope seniors are staying home as much as possible, but that means NOT seeing family and friends.

As I contemplated this, it occurred to me that many seniors who live alone may face serious consequences if they have a medical emergency and there’s no one around to help.

August is Medical Alert Awareness month, and one of the services we provide at Home Helpers® Clearwater is Direct Link 24-hour monitoring services for seniors.

I am proud that Home Helpers utilizes Direct Link, because they offer an exclusive line of monitoring products that allow seniors to live independently and securely in their own homes longer than they might otherwise.

Direct Link systems are always monitored 24/7 by a CSAA 5-Diamond Certified Care Center, allowing you or your loved ones a way to reach out to a live person with the simple touch of a button, anytime, day or night. But that’s not all Direct Link has to offer…

Aside from their 24-hour personal emergency response system (PERS), Direct Link provides monitored and automated medication dispensers and vital signs monitoring.

The Monitored Medical Alert systems include options tailored to your specific situation, such as landline, VOIP, cell, GPS and fall sensors.

Direct Link Wellness Checks are another important feature I encourage for seniors. Someone from the VRI call center (which monitors all of our Direct Link services) will set up a monthly service to call and check on seniors living alone to make sure they are up in the morning; that they feel okay throughout the day; remind them to take their medication; and make sure they are settled in for the night. No equipment is necessary for Direct Link Wellness Checks.

With effective monitoring services by Direct Link, seniors living alone have an enhanced level of safety, security and peace of mind, which also positively impacts the ones they love and who love them!

Direct Link 24-hour monitoring services for seniors are the perfect solution for:

  • Seniors who do not require in-home care and assistance
  • Seniors who are recovering from an injury
  • Seniors who require a supplement to in-home care services

Direct Link is a national provider of medical alert systems that empower seniors to live independently for a longer period of time. It’s important for seniors to maintain their independence and stay safe and comfortable at home for as long as possible, and that’s the philosophy my caregivers and I maintain at Home Helpers®.

Considering COVID-19 is still a major invisible menace, especially to seniors, and aging adults are spending much more time at home without visits from family and friends, Direct Link 24-hour monitoring services and medical alert systems provide vital connections that add heightened levels of protection to keep seniors safe at home.

I keep an inventory of Direct Link products locally, so we can promptly install and activate the necessary equipment and provide personalized, ongoing support. Direct Link is available on a monthly basis, and there are no charges for the equipment and no long-term contracts, commitments or obligations.

If you are concerned about COVID-19, I understand. Please read more about the specialized training our staff has received and Home Helpers® official COVID-19 response to this public health crisis. I am available to schedule a FREE Consultation, at your convenience, to assess specific needs, and find the right Direct Link monitoring services for you or your loved one. Call me today for more information: 727.942.2539.

We, at Home Helpers® Clearwater, are honored to have received the Home Care Pulse – Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice Award for 2017, 2018, 2019 & 2020. We proudly serve male and female seniors in Clearwater, Dunedin, Palm Harbor, Safety Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Holiday, New Port Richey, Trinity, Port Richey, Hudson and surrounding areas. Home Helpers®…we are Making Life Easier℠


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