Caregivers in Tracy, CA

Compassionate Home Care For Your Loved One

Home Helpers of Manteca, provides a full spectrum of care services to residents
of Tracy, CA, including
personal care,
light housekeeping,
respite services, memory care (Alzheimer’s and dementia assistance),
companion services, recuperative care, and more. Our carefully selected caregivers are chosen
for their professionalism, expertise, and boundless compassion to ensure
Tracy residents safely remain in the comfort and security of home—where
they most want to be. Each of our professional caregivers is dedicated
to helping our clients continue living a rich life at home.

In-Home Senior Care in Tracy

Aging can be a challenging process, especially when individuals begin to
realize they’re simply unable to be as self-sufficient as they used
to be. However, age-related changes don’t have to mean you need
to give up your independence. Home Helpers Home Care strives to keep Tracy,
CA residents at home by providing comprehensive, compassionate home care.
We’ll assist you with routine daily tasks, provide medication reminders,
and ensure your safety and well-being.
Schedule an in-home assessment today to learn more about how our exceptional in-home care services can benefit you.

About Home Helpers

Home Helpers of Manteca strives to help residents of Tracy, CA, and the
surrounding area safely retain their independence at home. We’re committed to delivering
exceptional home care that improves your loved one’s quality of
life and enables them to thrive in familiar surroundings. We do this by
tailoring our home care plans to each client’s individual needs
and preferences. When you entrust us with your family member’s health
and well-being, you can have peace of mind knowing they’re in competent hands.

Our Services

Completing the activities of daily living (ADLs) can be challenging—or
even dangerous—for those who are aging or disabled. Seniors, individuals
with disabilities, healing injuries, or chronic illnesses may be unable
to complete routine tasks such as light housekeeping, personal care (bathing,
grooming, etc.), and running errands, or even just safely getting to appointments.
Home Helpers Home Care is dedicated to ensuring you always feel secure
and at ease in your own home by offering comprehensive home care services
to foster your independence. From dressing and feeding to mobility and
personal care, we’re here to make your daily life easier.

If you need assistance while recovering from an injury or medical procedure,
we are your trusted home care agency. Our medical care services include
transportation to and from doctor’s appointments,
wellness calls, medication management, and “intelligent”
24/7 monitoring to ensure your safety throughout your recovery.

Below is a detailed list of
our home care services in Tracy, CA.

Respite Care

Compassion fatigue is a real and serious condition caused by severe and/or
prolonged stress that can result in depression, anxiety, or burnout. Though
family caregiving is a labor of love, it can also harm the family caregiver’s
health if they don’t take time to care for themselves too. Home
Helpers Home Care is here to
give you the respite you need and deserve by caring for your loved one while you take some time for
yourself. We will ensure your family member’s safety and happiness
so you can focus on getting some rest, taking a vacation, or anything
else you may need to feel refreshed.


There are many reasons why individuals may be homebound, from physical
or mental disabilities to chronic illness or a recent injury. No matter
the reason, it’s unhealthy for anyone to be isolated. Humans are
social beings and need interaction to thrive. To foster this aspect of
human health, Home Helpers of Manteca provides
companion care services to clients in Tracy unable to leave home for long periods.

Our companion care services include sharing a client’s favorite hobbies,
watching movies, listening to music, or simply reminiscing over their
favorite memories. Companion care is designed to enrich a client’s
life, and we do our best to meet that goal.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia make it challenging
for individuals to remain safe at home. Symptoms like memory loss, confusion,
and a tendency to wander can create dangerous situations for these individuals,
making care necessary to their well-being.

However, remaining at home and following a familiar routine can help those
with these conditions feel more comfortable. Home Helpers offers the help
and support necessary to keep your loved one safe and content in the familiarity of home.

Our licensed caregivers are certified to
care for those with Alzheimer’s. They also receive training through the National Certification Board for
Alzheimer’s (NCBAC), enabling them to provide comprehensive care to clients with these conditions.

Recuperative Care

Home is the best place to heal, and our caregivers are dedicated to helping
our clients do just that. Being in a familiar space where you feel at
ease fosters a healthy mindset, which aids recuperation after an injury
or medical procedure. Home Helpers can be at home with you while you recover,
ensuring your safety and physical health.

Our recuperative care services in Tracy include:

24-Hour Personal Caregivers

Your need for care doesn’t disappear just because the sun sets. In
fact, many individuals need more intensive care at night than during the
day. At Home Helpers, our caregivers in Tracy are available whenever you
need them the most—be it morning, evening, noon, or midnight. With our
24-hour care, you never have to worry about dealing with your condition alone.

We even offer live-in services for those who require continuous care. These
caregivers will reside with you in your home, so you’ll always have
a qualified professional to help you.

Stroke Recovery Care

Strokes are serious medical events that deprive the brain of oxygen, which
often causes impaired cognition. Symptoms like partial paralysis, limited
mobility, and lost memory and communication skills may be temporary, semi-permanent,
or permanent. Whether you’re going through rehabilitation to regain
some of these lost abilities or learning to cope with a new disability,
Home Helpers Home Care can guide you through the process. Our Tracy caregivers
can support you at home and during rehabilitation to make your recovery
as pleasant and fast as possible.

Support For People With Developmental and Intellectual Differences

At times, it may be unsafe for those with intellectual and developmental
differences to remain at home. However, living in familiar surroundings
and retaining independence benefit mental and physical health. Home Helpers
can help our clients achieve this goal by fostering their safety and well-being
in the security of home. Our caregivers will assist with everything from
bathing and grooming to medication reminders and transportation to work
or school. We also offer
companion care to ensure your loved one always has a compassionate friend nearby.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Well-balanced, nutritious meals are key to maintaining your mental and
physical health. Our caregivers will help you with every aspect of
meal planning and preparation, including:

  • Creating a customized meal plan based on your needs and preferences

  • Shopping for groceries regularly

  • Preparing nutritious meals and snacks

  • Helping you eat or potentially feeding you

We’re happy to provide support with these tasks, or take them off
your hands so you can focus on resting or enjoying other activities.

Our Tracy Caregivers Are Here to Help Wherever You Call Home

Home care is in the name, meaning we will provide comprehensive, on-site
care wherever you live. Whether you reside in a house, apartment, assisted
living facility, or rehabilitation center, we’ll be there to keep
you safe and comfortable.

Steps to In-Home Care

Initial Call

We’ll ask a few questions during our first phone call to help us
schedule your in-home care assessment. It’s also a good time for
you to ask questions and allow us to address your concerns. Near the end
of the call, we’ll agree on a date and time for your assessment.

In-Home Care Assessment

The in-home care assessment is for collecting the information we need to
establish the kind of care you need so we can build your personalized
care plan. It’s also an opportunity for you to ask questions about:

  • What our services do and do not include

  • How we schedule care

  • How to update care plans when needed

  • …anything else you’d like to know

Start of Care

On the first day of care, we introduce you to your care team. After you’ve
spent some time getting to know each other and building trust, we’ll
review your care plan together. This is the perfect time to make any necessary
changes or adjustments to your care plan before care begins.

Client Visits

We want you to receive the exemplary care you deserve, so it’s our
policy to check in with you and your caregiver during care. These check-ins
help us ensure that:

  • You’re receiving the best possible care

  • Caregiver and client are developing a healthy rapport

  • We provide timely answers to your questions

  • Your care plan is regularly adjusted, as needed

Call Now to Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation

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retain your independence at home in Tracy. We can answer your questions
and build a care plan tailored to your individual needs.

Areas We Serve

Home Helpers Home Care serves Tracy, CA, residents and those in the following areas:

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