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Home Helpers of Manteca offers a broad spectrum of home care services in Escalon, CA, from nutrition and meal planning to personal care, respite care, and assistance during medical recuperation and recovery. If your or a loved one needs help with life’s daily responsibilities, our team of trusted caregivers is prepared to provide the support you need. We’re dedicated to ensuring you remain safe in the comfort of your home.

In-Home Senior Care in Escalon, CA

Age-related reductions in dexterity, mobility, and memory often make it increasingly difficult for seniors to perform the activities of daily life. However, we understand that everyone wants to retain their independence in the familiarity of home, and we’re here to ensure you meet that goal for as long as possible. Our home care agency in Escalon, CA, is ready to deliver the support you need to remain safe and comfortable at home. Our skilled, compassionate caregivers aim to meet and exceed your
expectations with careful attention to your overall well-being.

About Home Helpers

Home Helpers Home Care agency offers numerous in-home care services to Escalon, CA residents. Our mission is to provide care that makes you feel safe and improves your quality of life. When you trust us with your care, we work with you to create a customized care plan, so you receive precisely the kind of support you need. As Escalon, CA’s preferred home care provider, you can have peace of mind knowing you or your loved one are in very capable hands.

Our Services

Everyone deserves to feel secure and relaxed in their own home, which is why Home Helpers of Manteca is committed to delivering comprehensive home care services. Aging and disabled individuals may find it increasingly challenging to perform daily tasks like dressing, eating, and bathing, which is where we step in. Our compassionate care professionals are here to foster your independence and well-being.

Our services include medication management, wellness checks, transportation to and from medical appointments, and “intelligent” continuous monitoring to ensure you’re recovering safely and without complications.

Below are some of the services we provide in Escalon, CA.

Respite Care

As a group, the risk of family caregivers experiencing severe stress, depression, and burnout is very high. This task requires a lot of a person, from an immense time commitment to the strain of watching a loved one’s health decline. Home Helpers Home Care will gladly share your responsibilities, offering you the time and space you need to rest, recover, complete work, or even go on a much-needed vacation. While you recharge, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one is receiving the best possible care.


Some medical conditions leave individuals homebound or make leaving the house too challenging to feel worthwhile. This mindset can leave them feeling isolated and lonely, increasing the chances of developing anxiety or depression.

Home Helpers’ friendly, experienced caregivers are happy to provide companion care for those unable to seek others’ company. This service helps dispel loneliness, improves individuals’ mental health, and stewards their overall well-being. Whether your loved one enjoys games, movies, puzzles, or hobbies like gardening and crochet, we’ll be there to engage with them and share activities that bring them joy.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Dementia and Alzheimer’s are mental conditions that become progressively worse over time, making it more and more difficult for individuals to communicate, complete daily tasks, and care for themselves. Symptoms include memory loss, confusion, reduced attention span, hallucinations, and a tendency to wander may also make it unsafe for them to live alone.

Our caregivers are certified by the National Certification Board for Alzheimer’s (NCBAC) to care for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. They’re prepared to provide the highest quality of care for those with these conditions so they can remain comfortable and safe. However, staying in familiar surroundings at home can help those with these conditions feel more secure.

Stroke Recovery Care

Strokes are serious medical events that can cause partial paralysis, memory issues, reduced mobility, and limited communication skills. Recovering from a stroke takes determination and consistency, which can be challenging to manage alone. Home Helpers of Manteca is dedicated to helping you recover as quickly and completely as possible with empathetic support and high-quality care. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in very capable hands when we’re there to support you.

Support For People With Developmental and Intellectual Differences

Those with developmental and intellectual differences may have impaired mobility and cognition that prevents them from easily completing daily tasks, such as housework, errands, preparing meals, and grooming. Our care professionals offer support customized to each person’s specific needs, from reminders and assistance, to full support for all daily activities. We also provide compassionate
companionship, so your loved one always has someone to rely on for emotional and social support.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Healthy living requires proper nutrition and a regular eating schedule to help you remain energetic and feeling your best. Home Helpers care professionals can help you plan, prepare, and potentially feed you meals that meet your nutritional and dietary requirements. If your mobility is impaired, we can also help you grocery shop or simply do it for you.

24-Hour Personal Caregivers

Home Helpers provides 24-hour care to ensure you get enough quality sleep and rest. We’ll be there to offer assistance in the middle of the night or address an evening emergency. We also provide live-in services for those requiring uninterrupted care. Nights and evenings can be especially challenging times for those who need home care, especially those with memory-related issues or difficulty bathing and dressing. Your caregiver will live with you in your home to steward your safety.

Recuperative Care

At Home Helpers, we know that it’s easier to relax and heal in familiar surroundings, so we provide care to individuals recuperating from injuries, medical procedures, and illnesses so they can do just that. We offer wellness checks, medication management, personal care, and nutrition management to support you during your recovery.

Our Escalon, CA Caregivers Are Here to Help Wherever You Call Home

Our home care professionals can provide you with high-quality care wherever you call home. We’re prepared to help you feel safe and well cared for in the dwelling that best suits your needs. Though we specialize in helping you remain independent at home, we can also support you in an assisted living facility, rehabilitation center, hospital, or anywhere else you may reside.

Steps to In-Home Care

Initial Call

The first step to engaging our services is an introductory phone consultation. We’ll answer your questions about our services and address any concerns you may have during this initial conversation. Before ending the call, we’ll schedule an appointment for your free in-home assessment.

In-Home Care Assessment

Your in-home care assessment is where we’ll ask questions about your care needs and expectations. We’ll also collect the information needed to craft a detailed care plan for you. You may ask clarifying questions about our services, scheduling, and things like insurance coverage. We’ll then use the collected information to create a care plan tailored to your
specific needs.

Start of Care

At the start of your first home visit, the home care team will introduce themselves to you and anyone else in your family we’ll be working with frequently. We’ll get to know more about the person receiving
care to build trust and make them feel comfortable with having the caregiver in their home. We’ll then walk you through your customized care plan and answer any questions you may have before we begin administering care.

Client Visits

Our Care Coordination team will check in periodically with your caregiver throughout your care. These check-ins help us ensure you’re receiving the best possible care, allows the caregiver to clarify care questions, and enables you to make care change requests.

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Home Helpers of Manteca is here to help you or a loved one remain safe and comfortable at home. Our certified caregivers are prepared to provide world-class home care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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