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Compassionate Home Care For Your Loved One

Home Helpers of Manteca, offers a full continuum of home care services
in Stockton and the surrounding San Joaquin County community, including
respite care,
Alzheimer’s and dementia assistance,
nutrition and meal planning, recuperative care, and more. If you or a loved one requires assistance
with independent living activities, our caregivers in Stockton are prepared
to help. From light housekeeping and personal hygiene to
compassionate companionship, we look forward to ensuring you remain safe and independent at home.

In-Home Senior Care in Stockton

As we age, it often becomes increasingly difficult to carry out routine
daily tasks, especially with the development of age-related mobility issues
or other disabilities. You want to retain your independence in the familiar
security of home safely—and so do we. Home Helpers caregivers can
provide the necessary in-home senior care services to help you remain
safe and comfortable at home. Our experienced professional caregivers
in Stockton will meet and exceed your expectations to ensure your home
care experience is as enriching and pleasant as possible.

About Home Helpers

Home Helpers of Manteca, is a world-class
home care agency offering Stockton residents a wide range of in-home care services. Our
goal is to deliver high-quality caregiving services that make you and
your family feel safe and positively impact your quality of life. We work
with you to create personalized care plans so you receive precisely the
services you need. When you trust Home Helpers with your needs, you can
have peace of mind knowing you or your loved ones are in capable hands.

Our Services

For those who are aging or disabled, the activities of daily living can
become challenging or even unsafe. Home Helpers of Manteca is committed
to ensuring you always feel safe and confident at home by delivering comprehensive
home care services to retain your independence. From bathing and grooming
to mobility and nutrition, our caregivers are here to help.

Below are some of the home care services we provide in Stockton, CA.

Respite Care

The role of family caregiver is one of the most challenging and significant
roles someone can undertake. You have a strong desire to make your loved
one as comfortable and healthy as possible, but, in the long term, the
strain of compassion fatigue and self-sacrifice can take a toll on your
personal well-being. Home Helpers can help you avoid these unpleasant
side effects by providing
supplemental care and support to relieve some of your burden.

Whether you need just a short time to rest and recharge your energy, need
longer-term care to return to work, or plan a vacation, our Stockton caregivers
are prepared to provide what you need.


Mental or physical disabilities, chronic illness, or disabilities due to
aging may make it difficult for some individuals to leave their homes.
Being homebound can feel isolating and lonely, leading to depression and
anxiety. Fortunately, our friendly and empathetic caregivers are prepared
to provide
emotional and social support to alleviate your loved one’s loneliness and bring enrichment to
their life. Whether they enjoy watching movies, playing games, or simply
want to reminisce with photo albums, we’re here to engage with any
activity that brings them joy.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s and dementia are degenerative cognitive conditions that
make routine daily activities increasingly challenging for those with
them. Symptoms like difficulty speaking, memory loss, a tendency to wander,
and decreased attention span can make it difficult or unsafe for individuals
to be alone in their homes. Home Helpers offers memory care services in
Stockton, CA for local residents.

Our caregivers have certified expertise in
caring for those with Alzheimer’s and receive training through the National Certification Board for Alzheimer’s (NCBAC) to prepare them to provide excellent, compassionate care for those with
Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Stroke Recovery Care

Strokes are serious medical events that severely impact an individual’s
mental and physical health. They can cause partial paralysis, memory retention
and recall trouble, mobility issues, and reduced communication skills.
While some of these side effects may improve over time, some may be permanent
or semi-permanent. Our compassionate caregivers can help guide you through
recovery to ensure you regain as much of your health as possible. We’ll
also be there for support as you learn to cope with any new disabilities.

Nutrition and Meal Planning

Balanced nutrition and a standard eating schedule are key components in managing your mental
and physical health. Our experienced caregivers in Stockton are here to
help you plan, shop for, prepare, and potentially feed you meals tailored
to meet your nutritional needs. We can do each of these tasks together,
or you can allow our expert caregivers to take them entirely off your hands.

24 Hour Personal Caregivers

Your need for care doesn’t disappear with the sun, so neither will
we. Home Helpers offers
24-hour care to ensure you have the support you need every hour of the day or night.
If your condition requires continuous monitoring, we also have live-in
caregivers who will reside with you in your home to ensure your well-being 24/7.

Recuperative Care

At Home Helpers, we know that the best place to recuperate from an injury,
illness, or medical procedure is the comfort and security of your home.
We support your recovery from these medical events through the following services:

  • Wellness checks

  • Medication management

  • Personal care

  • Nutrition management

We want to make your recovery experience as pleasant as possible so you
can heal quickly and thoroughly.

Support For People With Developmental and Intellectual Differences

Those with intellectual and developmental differences often need assistance
with routine tasks like household chores, dressing, bathing, or meal preparation.
Our Stockton caregivers are here to offer support customized to the unique
needs of these individuals, whether they need minimal assistance or comprehensive
at home care. We also provide compassionate
companion care, so you or your loved one always have a friend to rely on for enrichment
and emotional support.

Our Stockton Caregivers Are Here to Help Wherever You Call Home

At Home Helpers of Manteca, we care for you wherever you call home. Our
experienced caregivers in Stockton and the surrounding San Joaquin County
area can provide care for you in an assisted living facility, hospital,
rehabilitation center, or any other residence that best suits your needs.
Our goal is to help you thrive, no matter where you live.

Steps to In-Home Care

Initial Call

During your introductory call, we’ll thoroughly answer your initial
questions and address any concerns. Before the end of the call, we’ll
schedule a time and date for your free in-home consultation.

In-Home Care Assessment

Your in-home care assessment begins with questions about your needs and
expectations. We’ll then gather all the information needed to provide
you with the highest standard of care. This is also the perfect time to
ask questions about our care services, scheduling, and anything else you’d
like to know. We’ll use this information to create a customized
care plan tailored to your needs and preferences.

Start of Care

On the day of your first home visit, your care coordination team will introduce
themselves to you, learn a bit more about the client, and get to know
family members who may be helping to manage care. We’ll then review
the care plan with you and clarify any questions.

Client Visits

During the hours you receive care, our care coordination team in Stockton
will check in with you and your caregiver. Check-ins help us confirm that
your care is going smoothly and that you and your caregiver are developing
a good rapport. These check-ins also allow us to collaborate on changes
needed to your care plan so we can adjust it in a timely manner. We’re
committed to providing you with the best care possible.

Call Now to Schedule a Free In-Home Consultation

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the customized care you need at any time, day or night.

Areas We Serve

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the following areas:

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