Home Helpers Home Care, Veterans Care Coordination Partner to Get Veterans the In-Home Care That They Need

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Just like most of their civilian peers, veterans prefer to age in place in the comfort of their own homes and communities for as long as safely possible.

The U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) currently offers a special benefit called Pension with Aid and Attendance, where eligible veterans and surviving spouses who require regular assistance with day-to-day activities may receive up to $32,729 annually for home care services.

Many veterans and their spouses miss out on these benefits because they don't know they are eligible, are unsure of the process, or are concerned they could lose their current benefits if they apply.

To help make this process easier for our nation’s veterans, Home Helpers® Home Care has partnered with Veterans Care Coordination (VCC) to help navigate the VA’s application process and get care started as soon as possible. Since its inception in 2011, VCC has assisted over 14,000 veterans and their families to take advantage of this benefit.

A recent report by the VA detailing long-term care projections indicates that veterans over the age of 85 were the fastest-growing veteran population in its healthcare system. According to the report, the number of veterans in that age group eligible for nursing home care will increase from 61,000 to 387,000 over the next 20 years, a nearly 535% jump.

As the veteran population continues to age, in-home care will continue to be a critical resource for those who wish to age in place.

Here are four ways VCC’s knowledgeable team helps veterans, surviving spouses, and their families receive the in-home care they need.

  1. SCREENING – To qualify for this benefit, an applicant must be a veteran who served during a wartime period, received an honorable discharge, requires assistance with everyday activities, and does not exceed the income and asset thresholds. This benefit also includes the veteran's surviving spouse and may be used with some state benefits. VCC screens for potential eligibility through a four-step process: review, application, care, and benefit approval by the VA. Candidates who complete this process with the help of VCC have a 99% success rate with obtaining the benefit.
  1. APPLICATION ASSISTANCE – After the candidate is determined to be eligible for the VA’s benefits, the team will assist veterans and their families through the complex application process. The team at VCC knows precisely what documents they need and helps guide them every step of the way.

    The candidates always remain in complete control of their application, and VCC charges no fee for help with applications. Their team is dedicated to making the process as smooth and stress-free as possible so the client can focus on what matters most: their health and well-being in their own home.
  2. FINANCING – VCC offers CareAdvance™, a short-term, needs-based, interest-free loan program designed to help veterans and their families get the quality care they need as quickly as possible in the event they are unable to afford the essential home care services they need and deserve. More than half of VCC’s clients participate in this loan process.
  3. ONGOING CARE COORDINATION – VCC proudly offers a comprehensive support system that covers everything a veteran and surviving spouse may need to maintain quality home care. They continuously monitor and manage the client's condition to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and continue receiving care.

Home Helpers® Home Care is proud to partner with Veterans Care Coordination to ensure eligible veterans and their families get the benefits and exceptional care to which they are entitled. From initial screening and application to ongoing care coordination and eligibility maintenance, the VCC team ensures their clients receive the best possible care for as long as they need it.

For more information about Veterans Care Coordination, visit their website.

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