Elderly Care Activities: Getting Creative with Your Artistic Senior by Making Custom Shoes

Author: Hilary Eldridge

Elderly Care in Alpharetta GA

There are few things more enjoyable in your elderly care routine with your than spending time together getting creative. Having fun doing artistic projects together is an exceptional way for you to keep your relationship with her strong, improve her mental, emotional, and cognitive health, promote a sense of involvement and importance, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

This project is an impressive, but actually very easy, way to add some extra personality, fun, and expression into your parent's wardrobe. Whether she is a skilled artist or just loves to dabble in a little bit of drawing and coloring, making custom shoes gives her a sense that she is making something useful and personalized just to her. If she truly enjoys this project she can also make more for gifts throughout the year and ensure that her loved receive something very special that she made specifically for them.

What You Will Need

  • A pair of white canvas shoes (cheap shoes work fine, but wear out easily, so pick them according to how often they will be used)
  • Waterproof markers, Prismacolor if possible as they are best at drawing on canvas, but regular permanent marker will do just fin. Avoid markers with fat tips, which can create bleeding and spreading, and use medium and small tips for finer detail
  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • Paper
  • A waterproof spray
  • Scissors

What to Do

  • Use the paper and pencil to plan out what designs you would like and draw them out
  • Very carefully cut out the drawings
  • One at a time trace the outlines of your images onto the shoe in pencil
  • Use the eraser to fix any mistakes and make sure you have them sized correctly and spaced where you want them to be
  • Take one of the sharper pencils and poke holes into places on the paper where lines intersect on the drawing you wish to duplicate
  • Line the paper back up on the shoe and put little dots with the pencil onto the shoe, creating a connect the dots game to help fill in the images
  • Cut out smaller pieces that are more difficult to draw free hand
  • Trace the smaller pieces onto the shoe
  • Line all of the black pencil lines in a black marker line
  • At this point all of the images should ‘pop’ and give you a clear idea of where to fill in detail and what to color
  • Outline the images in a thicker black to give yourself a border to work within
  • Begin to color and add detail as needed with the remaining markers
  • When coloring, begin with the foreground, and usually with less important parts like where pants usually cover or colored parts that have little detail
  • Color the light colors first, which ensures that if you make a mistake, a darker color should be able to cover it up
  • Once the shoe is finished coloring, allow it to sit a full 24 hours
  • Once the shoe has sat for 24 hours, spray it with the waterproofing spray and allow to sit again
  • Allow to sit for an additional day



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