Home Helpers vs Private Caregivers

Protecting Your Loved Ones at Every Step

Services – We do a thorough assessment of our senior client’s needs and provide them with only the services they ask for. Our clients received invoices which clearly document the hours and services provided.

Hiring – We do all the hiring of our in home caregivers with a two-person team, and ultimately only hire people who we would send to our own parents’ homes. We only hire experienced caregivers.

Training – We provide initial orientation to all our caregivers, and ongoing training which can be one-on-one, or in a group setting. We have quarterly caregiver in-service meetings on topics such as Elder Abuse, Alzheimer’s Care, Hospice Care, and Emergency Preparedness. We have an incentive program for our caregivers to achieve higher levels of certification through intensive training.

Scheduling – We are responsible for all the scheduling of care, and have a person in our office dedicated to that task.

Background – We do 7 point background checks on all caregivers, and contact all references.

Supervision – We provide ongoing supervision of our caregivers to ensure the client is satisfied and the caregiver understands their responsibilities.

Back Up – Should a caregiver call in sick or need to be replaced, we will handle a back up caregiver or provide a replacement. We always have more caregivers than we need at any time, specifically for this purpose.

Taxes – We are responsible for all payroll taxes and unemployment insurance.

Malpractice – We have professional liability insurance and are responsible as the employer.

Employee Injuries – Our employees are covered under our Workers’ Compensation policy.

Theft – Our employees are bonded through our liability insurance.

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