The Importance of Wellness Calls in Elder Home Care Services

Providing Companionship and Reminders for Your Loved Ones

As human beings, the need to connect with others is a natural and essential part of life. This is especially true for our elderly loved ones, who may be facing social isolation and loneliness. At Home Helpers® Home Care in Orange Coast, CA, we understand the importance of companionship in elder home care services. That’s why we prioritize Wellness Calls as part of our Care Plan, to provide much-needed connection and reminders for your loved ones.

Wellness Calls for Various Purposes

Wellness calls are not just limited to providing companionship. They can also serve as a helpful reminder for various daily tasks and routines. Here are some examples of how our Wellness Calls can be utilized for your loved ones:

Morning or evening check-in to ensure their well-being
Medication reminders to ensure they are taking their prescribed medication on time
Hydration reminders to keep them hydrated and healthy
Meal reminders to ensure they are getting proper nutrition
Exercise reminders to encourage and support physical activity
Simple companionship to brighten their day with a friendly hello

Customized Response Plans for Unanswered Calls

In the event that a phone call goes unanswered, our team at Home Helpers has a well-defined and personalized response plan. We will work with you to determine how many times per day to try and call, and what family members should be notified. This closed-loop process ensures the best possible elder home care and safety for your loved ones. And if the situation is not urgent, we can simply make a note of the missed call.

Cared-4 Program for Complete Care

At Home Helpers, we are proud to offer our Cared-4 program, designed to address all the major factors that impact independence for your loved ones. This includes Personal Care & Companionship, Nutrition and Wellbeing, and Safety. Our team of Caregivers is committed to providing the highest quality of care to ensure your loved ones are safe, healthy, and happy.

Ready to learn more about our elder home care services and how we can help your loved ones? Sign up for a free In-Home Care Assessment, and our team at Home Helpers will work with you to create a custom Care Plan that meets your loved one’s needs and preferences. Let us provide the companionship and support your loved ones deserve.

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