Tips on Hiring Home Care for the Aging Senior in Your Life

Author: Lisa Hmiel

If you have found yourself needing to think more carefully about the plan of care for aging parents, you already know that you need help, facts, options, and support. It’s not always an easy transition to consider hiring care for the senior in your life, but we want to help you understand the most important factors when sifting through all the information.

Firstly, keep in mind that adult children may not always be in a place where they are able to become the main caregivers. If this is true in your case, please set yourself free to explore other caring and compassionate options! Here are some tips.

Financial Cost
Seniors will usually be able to draw Medicare or other types of health insurance, although they may also need to have a private secondary insurance to cover the out-of-pocket expenses that come from Medicare. Take a close look at the finances of the senior in your life to ensure that medical care and home health care will be covered if needed. If there are gaps, the family may need to adjust other expenses to compensate.

Caregiver Role
If you do decide to hire a caregiver, good communication is very helpful! Your role will shift to more of a mediator as the caregiver will take on more of the medical/care responsibilities. Don’t be shy about helping a new caregiver get to know the needs of your loved one and help them build a rapport. You can also ask to assist them with certain tasks in the beginning until everyone is comfortable with each other.

Accommodate Senior and Caregiver
Many times, caregivers are full-time or may even live in the home to offer continual care. If this is the case, be accommodating to the caregiver by providing a place for them to feel at home with their personal belongings. Ask the caregiver to work together with the senior to make the home as safe as possible. This may mean removing rugs, making a plan to open up floor space for walkers, or even managing medications.

Active Family Members
Nothing is more important to seniors than the involvement of their family in daily life. Just because a caregiver has been hired, friends and family should still come and go frequently, offer a helping hand, or just visit with seniors who are aging in place. It is comforting for anyone to be cared for by those who love them most!

Finally, remember that it takes a little time to adjust to someone new being in the home and assuming responsibilities. The more time spent building that relationship with good communication, the better everyone will be! Contact us to learn more about our home health care agency in Greensboro, NC.



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