The Benefits of Home Health Care vs Hospital Care

Author: Scott Sutherland

The vast majority of Americans assume that the best way to care for our elderly is to place them in a nursing home or other skilled care facility. But did you know there are many reasons why allowing seniors to recover at home? In this article, we’ll explain the differences between home health care and nursing home care.

It’s a fact that most seniors will recover much faster if allowed to stay in their homes when possible. Whether it’s a recent surgery or even psychological trauma, being in the home with unlimited access to loved ones offers the senior family member the best chance for a full recovery. Since nursing homes often have rigid schedules and routines, being at home also allows for much more flexibility for both the senior and the caregiver. This translates to less stress for everyone! After all, nobody wants to be told when they can visit or how many visitors they can have.

It goes without saying that providing care in the home is far less expensive than paying full-time room and board at a nursing facility or assisted living center. Nowadays, there are many wonderful options for home health care that allows your senior loved one to receive excellent care only when they need it. In these cases, there is usually a family member who is helping with the daily chores and tasks, while the home health care nurse can help administer medicines, give baths, and help provide any therapy needed. When you tally the costs involved, home health care usually is the most cost-effective plan. Senior patients often save up to 70% when being cared for at home, rather than the hospital. This statistic, and others like it, have created the huge flood of home health care nurses that we are seeing today. Since no one enjoys being in the hospital for any length of time, home health care workers can be a life-saver so the patient can recover at home.

Latest Medical Technology
The age in which we live has produced rapid advancements in medical technology. This technology allows more and more patients to receive certain therapies at home, rather than having to be in the hospital. A comfortable surrounding always helps a person heal faster.

Should there be any procedures that require a skilled health care worker, that can usually be done at home? This would include such things as dressing changes on wounds, hygiene and personal care, help with proper diet, and the administration of medications that would normally require the patient to be in a clinical setting. A home health care nurse can be worth their weight in gold!

More Freedom
This may seem obvious, but there is certainly far more freedom and independence for seniors who stay in their own homes, rather than having to be hospitalized. They are able to visit friends and family and have as many home visits as they like, whenever they like. They’re able to eat on their own schedule and create a sense of normalcy that works for them.

If you are considering home health care, rather than a medical facility, do your research and make sure you follow up on any references. If there are multiple family members, bring everyone together so a decision can be reached by everyone involved. Lastly, talk to your senior loved one about what their wishes are! They are the ones who will have to go along with the plan, so it’s important to discuss the options with them and if possible, allow them to be part of the decision-making process.

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