Home Health Care vs In-Home Care in the Clearwater Area

Author: Debbie Humphrey

I get calls every day inquiring about home health care for someone’s loved one. I am glad to listen to the caller’s questions and provide answers pertaining to their queries. What is common among many of these calls is the confusion family members have about the differences between home health care vs in-home care as it pertains to their loved ones.

I decided it was time to provide a clear explanation of both to help differentiate the two, so family members and caregivers will understand what type of care is needed for their loved ones and when each type of care is appropriate.

Home Health Care

Who Provides Home Health Care?

Home health care is provided by skilled medical professionals like a registered nurse, physical therapist, occupational therapist, or speech therapist. Their services are based upon your eligibility and medical needs as recommended by your doctor. Your doctor must write a prescription or an order requesting that you receive home health services by medical professionals.

How Long Can You Receive Home Health Care?

The length of time you can receive home health services is also determined by your doctor. However long your doctor certifies that you need care, that’s how long you will receive it, based on your insurance.

Who Pays for Home Health Care?

Home health care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or your private health insurance.

What is the frequency of Home Health Care?

Home health care services provided by medical professionals usually occur for a few hours each week, depending upon your needs which are determined by your doctor.

In-Home Care

Who Provides In-Home Care?

In-home care is provided by trained professionals like a home health aid or a certified nursing assistant. They deliver services to support activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and toileting, as well as assistance with meals, planning transportation for doctor appointments, and more, with the ultimate goal of helping you stay independent in your own home. Home Helpers® is an award-winning, in-home care provider in the Clearwater area.

How Long Can You Receive In-Home Care?

As an in-home care provider, Home Helpers® has no eligibility requirements if you need assistance. The compassionate caregivers I employ can be there for you on a short-term basis, or as long as 24/7/365, if more comprehensive services are required.

You do not have a limit to the length of in-home care. That will be determined by you and/or your family. In-home care services continue as long as you want or as long as your budget and needs require.

Who Pays for In-Home Care?

In-home care is typically paid by the client or their family members. Additionally, many of our clients have long-term care insurance that also covers in-home care services provided by an approved in-home care provider, like Home Helpers®.

What is the frequency of In-Home Care?

Home Helpers caregivers provide services to our clients 24/7/365. The frequency of visits depends on the client’s needs and budget.

When you are looking for home care in the Clearwater area, I want you to understand that you can have both Home Health Care and In-Home Care. Many times, when people are discharged from the hospital or rehab and are recovering from a recent illness, injury, or surgery, they can have both because each type of home care provides different services to meet specific needs.

If you still have questions about home health care vs in-home care, please visit our Home Helpers® website. I have many downloadable resources available that I’m sure you will find very helpful. If you would like to take advantage of a FREE Consultation to discuss specific needs, I am happy to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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