In-Home Care Services vs. Nursing Home Care

Author: Aaron Nelson

If an elderly loved one in your life needs advanced care, you may be wondering about the differences between in-home care services and nursing home care. In this article, we’ll look at these two options and help you determine which care plan is right for your loved one.

Nursing home care and in-home care services both have their pros and cons, but most seniors will prefer to be in the comfort of their own home while receiving advanced care. Let’s look at what in-home health services include so you can understand if it may be a good option for the senior loved one in your life.

What is Included with In-Home Care Services?
In-home healthcare is a wonderful and invaluable option for seniors who want to age in place. Aging seniors will often prefer to stay home but may have difficulty performing basic daily tasks without help. This is known as ADLs, which stands for Activities of Daily Living. Here are some examples of common ADLs:

  • Bathing and/or showering.
  • Personal hygiene and grooming. This may include tasks such as shaving, putting on makeup, brushing teeth, and shampooing hair.
  • Dressing. Home healthcare aides can help with dressing and undressing.
  • Toileting. Assistance would include getting to and from the toilet and appropriate cleaning afterward.
  • Food. Home aids can assist with meal prep/cleanup as well as eating.
  • Mobility. Assistance would include help walking or staying mobile as well as learning to properly use walkers, canes, and getting in and out of wheelchairs.

How Does In-Home Care Differ from Nursing Homes?
Nursing home care is always an option, however, most seniors today wish to stay in their homes and age in place for as long as possible. In this way, they can receive professional assistance when needed without having to leave the familiar environment of the home.

Nursing home care allows quick access to advanced medical care should the need arise. This is a very good option if the senior has a medical condition that requires around-the-clock care, rather than mild assistance. However, seniors who can stay in their homes safely would be better suited to just have assistance from in-home healthcare aids.

This does not mean that your loved one would not have appropriate and adequate medical care. Home healthcare agencies today offer palliative care as well as services such as occupational or physical therapy. Most seniors prefer home healthcare service because they can remain where they have happy thoughts, as well as familiar surroundings, while nursing homes usually limit the personal items the patient can bring with them.

One of the biggest factors in choosing the type of care is the cost factor. Nursing homes will get expensive fairly quickly. Since home health aids charge most by the hour, they are generally lower in cost, while in-patient care will be a loftier financial commitment. Naturally, the expense incurred will be higher when round-the-clock care is needed;

Why Many Families Opt for In-Home Care Services
In-home healthcare services are an appropriate choice when family members live far away from senior loved one. It is also a very good option when family members can’t be there to assist on a daily basis. It gives peace of mind to know that loved ones are receiving the care they need. Professional home health agencies provide assistance with good nutrition and diet, medication management, as well as companionship.

For more information on choosing the appropriate healthcare option for your elderly loved one, please contact us today. We are here to help!

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