How to Prepare Moving Aging Parents into Your Home

Author: Nhan Trinh

It can be a tough decision to move an aging parent into your home, but once the decision is made, there are some things you can do to make the process as easy as possible. Here are some tips to help you plan for the big move.

Assess the Way They Currently Live
You may not notice cognitive decline right away, but it can start with small things like noticing the house is not as clean as it has always been, or bills are going unpaid or laundry is piling up. If you notice anything like this, it may be a sign that you need to start thinking about moving an aging parent into your home. The hardest part about this decision is having a conversation with your loved ones about the assistance they may need.

Have a Family Meeting
Having a meeting with family members, including extended family, can be very helpful for all parties involved. Remember, the decision to move your parents into your home will impact more than just them; it will also affect your spouse and your children. Have a meeting with everyone to discuss the care that is needed and how each family member can help. Most family members want to help but may not know what is appropriate. If discussing these things makes you tense or anxious, talking to an older family member or therapist can help ease the transition.

Navigating the Changes
There are many things to take into consideration before moving a senior loved one into your home. Is your house big enough to accommodate their needs? Will they have privacy? Do they need special handicap aids such as ramps or bathrooms that can hold a wheelchair? While some of these things are major, other things can be as minor as removing obstacles such as rugs or furniture and making sure the living space is safe.

Figuring Out Finances
There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a caretaker, and it can be challenging to add these tasks to your already full schedule. You may be working full-time or juggling children and the running of a household. It is important to go through the financial situation your aging parents are in, and if there are adequate funds to cover modifications to your home, extra food, and utilities, etc. Costs can add up quickly, so a budget is crucial.

Moving Day
Moving from their home can be very stressful for your parents. They may be leaving the house they have known for years and even raised their own family in and deciding what to take and what goes into storage can be emotionally challenging. It’s a tough job to sort, sell or donate, and pack, so you will need lots of help. Make sure this help comes from people who will keep things positive and upbeat and allow your parents to talk about things as they come up during the moving process. This can be very therapeutic for everyone! Ask them to tell stories and reminisce along the way so you can be as emotionally connected and supportive as possible.

It can be tough to navigate the waters of this season of life, but with a little help and planning, it doesn’t have to be a negative time. For more information on moving senior loved ones into your home, please contact us today!

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