Avoiding Senior Accidents

Author: Candy Wade

Anyone who has been part of the work force can attest to the careful planning that goes into accident prevention. It’s in the company’s best interest to keep their employees safe and free of hazards as much as possible. As we age, it’s natural to take extra precautions at home to prevent slips and falls, so shouldn’t this caution also be taken in nursing homes and senior living facilities? Think about this—three fourths of visits to the hospital emergency department are caused by accidents that happen very close to home. For the elderly, these accidents can easily fracture a hip or other bone that is very tough to recover from. So, what can you do to keep your senior parents safe at home? Read on!

Stay Aware of Your Surroundings

Being absent minded can be a hazard, so be sure to get plenty of sleep. Also, don’t allow your thoughts to interrupt your day. Try these helpful tips and turn around the risk of falling:

  • If possible, have railings installed in your home. They are a huge source of support.
  • Pay attention to the floor. Look for changes in the floor height, defects in the carpet, wet spills, etc.
  • Take some slow deep breaths if you begin feeling dizzy. Be sure to keep a firm hold to the railing
  • Walk at your own speed. You can always catch up.
  • Keep lamps that are easy to reach or night lights to illuminate a room and create warmth. Turn on lights at night to prevent falls and other accidents. These accidents for seniors can have devastating consequences, so you should never look for an assisted living retirement community that doesn’t have excellent credentials.

What to Do After a Fall

Whether it’s you or a senior loved one, the thing to remember is to stay put where you are. Even if you have to yell, keep doing it until someone hears you. If you have a cell phone, try to call 911 yourself to give them a head start. You don’t want any internal injuries, so staying awake until help arrives in crucial.

Survey the Area

This is a good time to do a short “checklist” and determine if medical attention is needed. You may be aware of a broken bone or fractured hip, due to pain. Check yourself and any others for injury. If you have fractured an arm, you should stay put until help arrives via an ambulance.

If you know you don’t have serious injuries, simply roll over to your side and bring your knees up toward the chest and sit up as normal.

Fall hazards are a very real threat for seniors, so give them the best life possible by pulling up throw rugs and anything else that could cause them to trip or fall. For more information on this subject, call us today!



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