Benefits of Regular Exercise in Seniors

Author: Leslie Stephens

Gone are the days where doctors and family alike expected senior citizens to just sit around in a rocking chair all day, in between taking naps. Today’s seniors are more active and productive than ever, as the life expectancy continues to increase. Medical research has proven without a doubt that exercise is just as important for seniors as it is for anyone else. Staying physically fit has many benefits for seniors! Here are just a few….

Preventing Falls

The number one reason seniors end up in the hospital is falls. It is also one of the leading causes of death among the elderly. The reason behind this is that when a senior takes a fall, they may break a bone that would normally heal in a younger person. But with older adults, breaking a bone can lead to even more problems that can lead to death. In these cases, death almost always occurs as a secondary complication from a fall.

Regular exercise will not only strengthen bones and muscles but also helps mental clarity so that reflex time is quicker. There is no doubt that being fit could absolutely save the life of your senior loved one!

Improved Mental Clarity

We all know that our memory starts to slip as we age. It’s probably the most frustrating side effect of growing older. Seniors who are dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease can enjoy much more mental clarity by exercising not only the mind but also the body. Playing brain games like crossword puzzles will help seniors stay sharp mentally. Physical exercise increases blood flow, which makes everything in the brain work better and faster.


People of all ages need to socialize and meet with friends to stay healthy and happy. Seniors often battle depression and much of it comes from being lonely and isolated. Regular trips to the local fitness center or YWCA can be a wonderful way for seniors to meet new friends and engage in activities with other people. Most of these facilities have exercising classes specially designed for the more fragile body of older adults. There is no reason seniors can’t enjoy the benefits of safe exercise! Even walking regularly is extremely beneficial for seniors, and staying active is the best way to combat feelings of depression and lethargy.

Exercise is vitally important for all ages and this includes seniors! There is no need to buy into the lie that senior adults should stop moving just because they are growing older. Even gentle exercise can drastically improve quality of life as well extend life by keeping our senior loved ones healthier and happier.

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