Our Everyday Hero, Lynette: The Singing Aide as featured on Spectrum Bay News 9

Author: Jonathan Marsh

Congratulations to Home Helpers of Bradenton Exceptional Caregiver, Lynette Lumenes, on being featured as an Everyday Hero on Spectrum Bay News 9, celebrating Women's History Month. The theme for 2022 is "providing healing, promoting hope." This recognition by Bay News 9 is a tribute to the important work of caregivers and frontline workers. Lynette will be traveling to Scottsdale, AZ in May to be recognized with 19 other caregivers at the Home Helpers National Conference.

"Lynette - We are so proud of you! Congratulations on your recognition!" -Jonathan

Video Transcript:

- And I eat with her. So that's why I took place in there.

- [Bill] Meet Lynette Lumenes, although spelled differently, it is pronounced luminous. Whose definition is full of light and shining, especially in the dark. And that's a perfect way to describe her. Lynette with Home Helpers Home Care of Bradenton and as a caregiver to 98-year-old Jane Ogden.

- I help her back and forth, like she'll go to the bathroom. I help her with her meals and mostly just to keep her company.

- [Bill] We also discovered that Lynette has a nickname.

- They call me 'The singing Aide.'

- [Bill] Lynette who sings in her church choir has been singing to her clients for years.

- Just scoop back, you all the way on there.

- [Bill] She says the job is not for everyone but for those who can the rewards and the way of friendship and love are wonderful.

- They have to be patient and learn to get along with the clients and just love what they're doing and be there for them.

- [Bill] Lynette is a Home Helpers Exceptional Caregiver of the Year finalist with 19 others from across the US who will meet next week in Arizona at The Home Helper's National Conference Award Ceremony. It is not unusual for Lynette to drop by on her days off just to check up and say, hi, it's what she's all about.

- I just thank God that who I am, you and that once I meet somebody, it's just like for life because that's just who I am. I love people.

- [Bill] With an "Everyday Heroes" report, I'm Bill Murphy.


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