Five Tips for Making Sure Bath Time Is Safe

Author: Jonathan Marsh

January's Bath Safety Month is a good time to stop and think about ways to make baths safer for your mom. She loves soaking in the tub, but her health has changed. She fell last time so you have to consider her safety. What do you do to make bath time safer?

Install Grab Bars

Make sure there are grab bars she can hold while standing up. If she has a hard time getting from a seated to standing position, it may help her to turn over, get on her hands and knees, and then stand up.

Grab bars also add a level of safety when she steps over the tub wall and onto the bathroom floor. You should install them inside the tub and on the outside wall.

Put in Anti-Slip Bath Mats

An anti-slip bath mat outside the bathtub will keep her from slipping on bathroom flooring. Many bathrooms have tile or linoleum floors that get slippery when they're wet. Anti-slip bath mats eliminate the risk of slipping.

There are also anti-slip mats for tubs that have suction cups. Those suction cups attach to the tub floor to keep the mat from shifting.

Monitor the Water Temperature

Make sure the water isn't too hot. You don't want your mom overheating or getting burns. The recommended temperature shouldn't exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Consider a Walk-In Tub

If there's money available for an upgrade, there are walk-in tubs that are easier for older adults with mobility issues. These tubs have a door that seals tightly to keep water inside the tub. They have a seat, built-in grab bars, and some have massaging jets.

A walk-in tub is an investment, but it's easier to step in and out of. Your mom just needs the door opened once the tub is drained.

Rinse Off After

When you take a bath, you're sitting in your dead skin cells, dirt, sweat, etc. After her bath is over, she should rinse off. Sitting on a shower chair may be ideal if she can't stand for extended lengths of time.

With a hand-held shower wand, she can rinse off. After that, she wants to dry her skin and apply a moisturizer to trap the water her skin absorbed during the bath.

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