Five Tips for Healthier Living to Boost Memory

Author: Jonathan Marsh

Keeping your elderly family member’s memory working at top speed might not feel as possible as it once did. But the key can be brain health, and supporting your aging family member’s brain health might be easier than you thought.

Work on Reducing Stress

It might seem as if your senior shouldn’t have all that much stress, but everyone has stress and different situations that create stress. Help your elderly family member to figure out what is creating stress for her and then work on reducing her overall stress levels. This pays off with a lot of different health benefits, not just boosting your senior’s memory.

Develop a Plan for Exercise

One of the ways you can help your senior to manage stress is through exercise. It’s vital that you get her doctor’s opinion about how much exercise is right for her and whether exercise is something she’s even able to do right now. A gentle exercise plan can help your elderly family member to manage stress and increase blood flow, which might be beneficial for her brain.

Sleep Matters a Lot

Rest and sleep help to keep your senior’s brain as healthy as possible. When your senior sleeps at night, her brain moves information from short-term memory into long-term memory. This can be part of why she might feel as if she has trouble with her memory. Keeping her entire body healthy involves getting the rest she needs.

Healthy Foods Make a Difference

Anything involving your senior’s health means talking about what she’s eating. That’s because her body runs on the fuel she takes in through eating. For brain health, she needs to look at the healthy fats she’s eating. Olive oil, avocado oil, and omega-3 fatty acids are all beneficial. If she’s concerned about what she should be eating, her doctor can help her to find the right diet.

She Might Want to Check Her Social Goals

Social engagements matter way more than most people think in terms of all sorts of health concerns, including memory. That’s because socializing the right amount helps with mood and overall health, which all factors into seemingly unrelated things, like how well your senior’s memory seems to be functioning.

This can all be a lot for your senior and you to manage on your own. Bringing in elder care providers can help your senior to build new routines that support all of these changes.

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