November Is Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month—Stats, and How You Can Help Prevent It

Author: Jonathan Marsh

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Did you know that 5 million people in the U.S. are living with Alzheimer’s disease? That number comes from the 2017 report from the Alzheimer’s Association. In fact, with the growing number of seniors in the U.S., that number is expected to increase to 16 million by the year 2050.

In honor of National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month, here are a few more facts shared by the Alzheimer’s Association:

  • Every 66 seconds, someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Unfortunately, there is no cure for Alzheimer’s disease. It’s the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S. Scientists are working hard to research drugs that could do a better job of helping people with Alzheimer’s.
  • You’ve likely heard a lot about deaths from heart disease, which continues to be a big problem in the U.S. However, deaths from heart disease have actually decreased by 14% since 2000, while deaths from Alzheimer’s have jumped by 89%.
  • Alzheimer’s kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.
  • The costs for caring for Alzheimer’s disease in the U.S. right now are $259 billion. That could reach more than $1 trillion by the year 2050.
  • Older age, family history, and genetics all play a role in raising the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. You’re also at a higher risk if you have certain health conditions, such as diabetes and high cholesterol.

The facts about Alzheimer’s disease are grim. However, the good news is you can make some changes in your life to try and reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s. Here’s how:

  1. Don’t smoke. If you already smoke, find effective ways to quit.
  2. Exercise regularly. Aim for 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week, which equals out to 30 minutes, 5 days a week.
  3. Develop and maintain social ties. Social connections help keep our brain sharp. If you have an older loved one who may be lonely or isolated, seek out regular activities or companionship for them.
  4. Take preventive steps to avoid head injuries. Serious head trauma is associated with a higher Alzheimer’s risk. Make sure you wear a seat belt in vehicles and a helmet for activities like motorcycle riding. If you’re at risk for falls, fall-proof your home.
  5. Never stop learning. Seek out new experiences and learning activities to keep your mind engaged.
  6. Eat right. Foods that promote a healthier brain, such as salmon, walnuts, berries, and leafy greens are linked to healthier aging. Even dark chocolate and coffee are OK!

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