Home Helpers: Providing Exceptional Care for Individuals with Special Needs

Our Team of Health Care Providers Understands the Unique Needs of Those with Developmental and Intellectual Differences

At Home Helpers® Home Care in Germantown, TN, we understand that individuals with developmental and intellectual differences require a special kind of care. That’s why our team of health care providers is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of your loved one. Whether they need assistance with daily living activities, expressing emotions, communicating with others, or simply interacting with the world around them, our trained Caregivers are here to help.

Our goal at Home Helpers is to ensure that both children and adults with special needs get the right in-home care they need to thrive. We offer a wide range of services, including companion care, personal care, and nutritional care. We understand that people with developmental differences want the same things as everyone else: friendship, social interaction, independence, and leisurely activities. Our friendly health care providers are expertly equipped to assist with everyday life for those with developmental and intellectual disabilities.

Don’t wait any longer to get your loved one the care they deserve. Sign up for a free In-Home Care Assessment with Home Helpers today. During this assessment, our health care providers will learn more about your loved one’s needs and create a customized Care Plan just for them. Let us help you and your family by providing exceptional care for your loved one with special needs.

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