Full-Time Senior Care: 24/7 Care or Live-In Caregiver?

Author: Peter DiMaria Peter

At Home Helpers Home Care we offer care plans that are designed specifically for each client. Each person is different and might require different levels of care, from a few hours a week, to full-time attention.

When full-time attention is necessary, for example, if the clients don’t have balance or mobility to execute their activities of daily living on their own. They may need assistance to go to the bathroom, bathe, eat. It is also a good option when Alzheimer’s Disease is progressing, making sure that the person stays safe and comfortable at home. The disease can be very challenging, and it is not recommended to leave an Alzheimer’s patient unattended.

However, when considering full-time attention, there are also different levels of care required: the patient and their family may opt for either 24/7 service or a live-in caregiver.

Home Helpers Home Care Live-in Caregivers: better option regarding home senior care costs

In this modality of care, the caregiver moves in with the patient for some days in a row. At Home Helpers, we maintain the continuity of the same caregiver for days to weeks at a time. That ensures the integrity of the care plan while avoiding caregiver changes that can agitate the client.

Live-in caregivers are allowed to have some free time and sleeping hours. It is a more affordable home care option, but some precautions are necessary.

Dangers and Hidden Costs of not using In-Home Care Agencies

Some people try to make arrangements directly with a caregiver, without the mediation of in-home care agencies, in what is called private duty caregiving. It can be a risky idea.

With this sort of private arrangement, you may be incurring in-home care costs you don’t see at first. That happens because the client is still responsible for paying minimum wage, overtime, workers' compensation, and other insurance. The client may not be insured for damages, accidents and additional liability. A new Connecticut Law requires registries to point out all the risks before accepting care.

At Home Helpers, we are entirely responsible for all aspects of caregiving, when live-in care is needed. We already calculated the overtime into our fees, so there are no surcharge surprises. Unlike a private duty situation if the caregiver becomes ill or has a personal emergency Home Helpers has other heart motivated live-in caregivers ready to substitute.

Home Helpers 24/7 Home Care Services: when nighttime attention is required

In this modality of full-time attention, the patients will always have a caregiver awake on their side, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is necessary when patients cannot move by themselves, need to go to the bathroom during the night, must be watched in their sleep or when advanced Alzheimer’s patients usually wake up disoriented during the night. It is also needed when the patient has balance problems, has fallen before, and there is a fall risk.

The Home Care agency is crucial in this time of need. To be able to supply 24/7 care, a number of caregivers need to be available and rotated in the responsibility of the patient, throughout the week. We make sure that the caregivers are always there for their shifts, are rested and ready for the shift ahead.

Home Helpers Home Care Difference

Home Helpers is not like any other agency. We are proud of being a #1 rated agency and grateful for the many 5-star reviews from our patients and their families.

Home Helpers earned the Provider of Choice – Best of Home Care Award in the past two years. This award is conceded by Home Care Pulse, an independent company that monthly surveys the opinions of clients of different home care providers.

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All our caregivers are background checked in the 50 states with a 7-year look back. We vet, interview, drug test and train them before assigning them to a patient.

We also use special software to make sure that the compatibility between the caregiver and the patient, from the skill needed for the care, to the social aspects of tastes and personality.

And More: our philosophy is to be like the patient’s trusted family when family can’t be there. We treat our patients as if they were our own family.

In short: We are the home care you can trust, “Making Life Easier.”



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