Why Most Seniors Prefer Home Care

Author: Robert Jo

All of us would prefer being in our own homes during our senior years. Who wouldn’t want to be where they are most comfortable and secure? Home is a place of memories, family or loved ones, a bed you’re used to, and familiarity.

If at all possible, most seniors will choose to stay in their homes as long as possible. They may need some care or assistance and home care workers make that a viable choice. Everything from housekeeping, meal and medication oversight and skilled nursing can all be done within the home. Let’s look at some key reasons that home care for seniors is the preferred course of care…

1. Being Independent
This is without a doubt at the top of the list for reasons to remain home! Seniors fear losing their freedoms and independence above most other things. They want to do daily routines on their own schedule—not when family or caretakers tell them to. The feeling of empowerment is the most crucial element in seniors cooperating with their care plan.

2. Having Loved Ones Around
Hospitals and nursing facilities all have visiting hours that may restrict family and friends from coming as they please. At home, you can plan holidays and day-to-day life around what your senior loved one wants, not the rules of some institution!

3. Familiarity
Everyone does better when they are surrounded by familiar items such as pictures, furniture, and their own bed. Being at home allows your senior to feel surrounded by love.

4. Faster Recovery Time
Knowing that they can be discharged from the hospital and continue their care at home almost always helps your loved one heal faster and participate in their care. Even physical and occupational therapy is better at home since the goal is to get the senior able to function safely in their own environment.

5. Participation in Treatment
When the patient can engage in their own care and treatment, they will reap many benefits. Being at home allows the family to also be engaged and aware of the care plan so they can offer help as needed.

6. Morale
Never underestimate how important good morale is to overall health! Being home allows your loved one to feel supported and safe, which will always improve their morale and lower the chance of depression setting in.

7. Saving Money
Medical care is expensive. Any time care can be given at home, the cost of that care is significantly lowered. Lower costs always mean lower stress for both client and their caretakers!

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