Making A Caregiver Feel Comfortable In Your Home

Author: Rick Cseak

It’s always a little awkward to have a caregiver come into your home full-time, and it takes some adjusting for everyone to have a successful outcome. Let’s look at some helpful tips for making a new caregiver feel comfortable and valuable in your home!

Create a Solid Foundation
Let’s face it—a caregiver in the home means you are now sharing your personal space and that can be an adjustment. Remember, it’s a transition for them too. Thinking ahead will solve a lot of problems. Try to have the things they will need to do their job well, and always set them free to ask as many questions as they want. You can begin by taking them around your home, pointing out each room and how it functions, and where your loved one is likely to spend most of their waking hours. It may be helpful to label spaces that hold important items, such as medication, cleaning supplies, etc. Most importantly, always have a list of critical phone numbers and other info, in easy-to-see locations throughout the home. It’s not good enough to have that list only on the fridge and nowhere else. Place this information in every room you are using. This includes the bathroom, bedroom, and even the front door.

Give Them a Comfortable Work Environment
Creating a comfortable environment is key for everyone to be happy. Think about the tasks they will be performing and adjust their surroundings accordingly. This would include things like the temperature inside the house. If your loved one is cold-natured, encourage them to wear an extra layer of clothing so that the caregiver isn’t doing manual labor inside a sweltering house. You should also show them where they can use the restroom, where to take a break and make sure snacks and bottled water are available to them.

Keep Them in the Loop
Keep the caregiver in the loop as things change in the home. Knowledge equals power when it comes to caregiving. Be sure they know who to call in an emergency, and which steps to take in the event of a natural disaster. It would also be a wise idea to list the numbers to the appliance manufacturers, or even set up a routine maintenance inspection on those items. 
Always have a written log of medications taken, how often, and how much. This should always be well documented! You may also want to keep a written log of meals and how much was consumed at each sitting.

Don’t Be Afraid to “Over-Explain”
Caregivers will appreciate all the instruction they can get because it only serves to help them do their job well. Do not hesitate to drill down on important information. No caregiver has the same job all the time, so state clearly what your expectations are so they are set up for success. For instance, if you want them to do light housekeeping, along with food prep, be sure to tell them that. You may only want someone to assist with personal care only. Either way, the caregiver needs to be comfortable with their job description!

Be Nice!
We can’t stress this enough! It may seem trite, but being nice can be a lost art form these days. Take the time to say thank you and give small gestures of your appreciation for your caregiver. This will go a long way!!

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