Noticing the Need

Author: Jen Mundwiler

As spring arrives we start to notice the buds on the trees and flowers blooming, our neighborhoods come alive again and we enjoy more family activity time.  It can be a time of observing how our older family member and neighbors are maintaining their independence.  During the winter months we are use to not seeing older adults as often, due to tricky driving conditions and cold weather keeping them inside.  As spring and summer arrive with more family and neighborhood gatherings occur, it is a great time to observe how well the older adults in our family our maintaining their independence.  

Some key items to observe and “listen” for in general conversation: Have they fallen over the winter months? Do they report losing their balance or stumbling more often?  Do they comment about not having much of an appetite, loss of weight or change in mood/affect?  Are they struggling with basic tasks that use to come so easily before or are there changes in memory?

All of these are tough questions to ask as they are tough answers to receive; especially when it is a loved one who seems to be struggling.  It can be overwhelming to know what steps to take or when to be concerned.  That is were Home Helpers of Delaware can assist in helping identify the need for additional care to help our loved ones maintain independence and quality of life in their own homes.



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