24 Hour Care and Live-In Care in Carrollton, Texas

24 Hour Care and Live-In Care in Carrollton, Texas

Seniors in Carrollton, Texas do not have to be alone when they need care!

As we age, there may come a day when in-home care is needed. All of us
want to be at home as long as possible, so understanding your options
ahead of time is extremely beneficial. For seniors who need skilled and
compassionate caregivers, 24-hour care or Live-In care are often excellent
alternatives to nursing homes or assisted living facilities. But what
is the difference between these two options?

Home Helpers 24 Hour Care Options

  • Shift Services:

    This option provides the compassionate and skilled care your loved one
    may need around-the-clock. It’s easy to find caregivers in Carrollton
    that come in during the daytime hours, but your loved one may need help
    during the night too. Our caregivers can work in shifts, tailoring a care
    plan that works best for you. You would not need to provide sleeping or
    living quarters for this type of care since the caregivers would rotate
    in shifts. It is a great way of knowing your elderly loved one is never
    alone. Our caregivers are not only highly-skilled but genuinely compassionate.
  • Live-In Services:

    This option is just how it sounds. One or more caregivers would tend to
    your loved one during the day and sleep in the home at night, making them
    more accessible when needed. These caregivers will sleep in the home and
    awaken at night to assist your loved one. You would provide the caregiver
    with sleeping quarters. For the client who cannot be alone due to conditions
    such as dementia and Alzheimer’s but may not need constant medical
    care, live-in services may be the best option. The hours and type of care
    provided can be tailored to meet your loved one’s specific needs,
    giving family members assurance that their loved one in Carrollton is
    looked after at all times.

Caregiver and Elderly woman smiling

If you need 24-hour care or live-in care for a loved one in Carrollton,
Texas, please call us at
(972) 818-5293.

Benefits of 24/7 Care from Home Helpers:

  • Help is always there! Even if it’s going to the toilet, your loved
    one will always have the assistance they need.
  • Companionship and comfort that comes from the same familiar and friendly
    faces each day.
  • Help preparing meals.
  • Assistance with personal care such as bathing and getting dressed.
  • Light housekeeping and assistance with laundry.
  • Timely medication administration.
  • Immediate assistance in case of emergency, including communicating with
    loved ones.

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