Shari: Nationally Recognized 2021 Home Helpers Exceptional Caregiver of the Year

Author: Jonathan Marsh

The Video We’ve Been Excitedly Waiting For…

Last year, long-time Home Helpers caregiver Shari was recognized at the national level as one of five 2021 Home Helpers Exceptional Caregivers of the Year, representing our respective region. A videographer flew down from Ohio in October to capture some special moments of Shari while working with her client, Margaret. This video premiered at our National Conference last month (May 2022) in Scottsdale, AZ where we celebrated with Shari…and now we have this video to share with you.

Shari – This video is just a snippet of the care you’ve provided for Home Helpers of Bradenton clients over the last almost seven years! Once again, congratulations on this achievement and a job well done. We appreciate you. -Jonathan


For 25 years, Home Helpers Home Care has provided exceptional in-home care across the country. Join us in celebrating our 2021 exceptional caregivers for their outstanding contribution to the lives of their clients and their clients' families. Here's one of their stories.

Clarisse: It's not an easy thing to find exactly the right person. I knew that my mom is very difficult. Everything has to be done just right. We had at least ten or more people that rotated through here before we got Shari, and then it was magic. It was exactly the right person for the right home.

Shari: My name is Shari Root. I've been with Home Helpers in Bradenton for what seven years, six years, and I've been doing home health care and nursing for about 15, actually.

Jonathan: Shari is a great match for not only the client but also the family. I think the reason for that is she likes to stay active. Shari is not one to sit down for any period of time. She just wants to keep moving.

Shari: It's like when people have a job and they just dread it. Me, I'm like I gotta get there. I'm excited to go. I walk in and I'll give her my hug or my kiss. I'm like hey mom and you know we usually get up right away and we'll go for a walk.

Clarisse: So she always takes her umbrella. My mother has a big hat and her sunglasses.

Shari: Making her bed normally it would take like maybe 10 minutes, but making her bed you know I’m not gonna lie but 20 minutes or so because you have to make it perfect.

No creases, has to be folded over just right. Now I will admit I did start that. Kind of noticed what she wanted and I just went from there and started spoiling her. Now nobody can make her bed.

She has special needs in food. She can't swallow very well so now it's pureeing the foods. You go by what doctors order. Like before, it was like a lot of protein. Now we're going to the potatoes and the starches now to fill up her stomach.

Clarisse: The neat thing about Shari is she's done a lot of research online to see and come up with new recipes of soups for my mother so that she's not always eating the exact same soups.

Shari: You learn as you go. You learn what the client patient wants and needs and you help them.

Margaret: She's very helpful if you have something to ask you ask because she does.

Shari: Clarissa has been amazing. We've took on a great friendship. She's been a mentor to me. She's taught me a lot. She's absolutely all-around amazing.

Clarisse: We chit-chat non-stop but you know the thing about Shari is, if she sees me doing anything, she immediately jumps in and helps. She views herself as helping the whole family not just helping my mother.

Jonathan: I think a great thing about Shari is that she has a caring heart. She wants to make the experience as good as possible every time she goes to see the client so they have a smile on their face every time they see her.

Shari: It's a passion I guess you would say. It's in you. You're everything to them.


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