Community Spotlight: Muscle Eze

Author: Jonathan Marsh

Got Strange Pain? Call Muscle EzeNeil Holmes Owner, LMT Muscle EZE Medical Massage Therapy

Got strange muscle pain? Have you had an accident and need pain relief? Then give Muscle Eze a call.

Muscle Eze specializes in medical massage used to treat muscular pain. From headaches to neck, back, and shoulder pain, Muscle Eze can soothe your aches. They also frequently treat carpal tunnel syndrome and plantar fasciitis.

Massage approaches used at Muscle Eze include:

  • trigger point therapy
  • deep tissue massage
  • medical message
  • sports massage

Muscle Eze also offers two kinds of myofascial techniques called The Rossiter System and the Whelton Myofascial Referral Technique (MRT). The Rossiter System is a two-person stretching system that focuses on specific stretches to help heal pain and prevent it from occurring again by targeting the connective tissue system. Whelton MRT targets the fascia surrounding the muscles to facilitate pain relief. Fascia is frequently described as a suit that connects our whole body, while myofascial refers specifically to fascia around the muscles, according to the Whelton MRT website. Both The Rossiter System and the Mysofascial MRT require special training that Muscle Eze owner Neil Holmes has completed.

“I have a 90% to 95% success rate at reducing pain when coming therapies,” says Holmes. “My main focus has been on helping people who have had some type of accident, injury, or pain because someone helped me when I had injuries from a motorcycle accident.”

In addition to accident victims, many of Muscle Eze’s clients have seen other health practitioners for relief for their chronic “strange pain.” When others haven’t been able to provide relief, Holmes and his staff have been able to help.

Muscle Eze is able to provide medication-free relief to its clients—and clients reap the overall benefits of massage, including:

  • Better circulation
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Better joint flexibility
  • Relief for overworked muscles
  • The release of feel-good endorphin hormones

You can book appointments with Muscle Eze online or by calling the office. This spring, massage specials with therapist Andrea are starting at $40. For more information about Muscle Eze, visit, or call 941-981-0880. You can also follow Muscle Eze Medical Massage on Facebook, where you’ll find a variety of informative videos about its medical massage techniques. Muscle Eze is conveniently located on 26th Street West in Bradenton, not far from downtown.

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