Parkinson’s Home Care in Park Ridge, NJ

Parkinson’s Disease Care in Park Ridge, NJ

Receiving a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease is a scary and uncertain
time for both the patient and family members.
So many questions will be piling up in your mind….how did I get
this disease? Will it ever get better? Can I live a normal life? These
are all valid questions that beg answers.
While we may not have all the answers, Home Helpers can help you or your
loved one in Park Ridge adjust to life with Parkinson’s
and have the help and companionship needed along the way!

  • If you are not familiar with Parkinson’s Disease, here are a few
    quick things to keep in mind:
  • More than 1 million Americans have been diagnosed
  • It currently has no cure but does have helpful treatments to manage it well
  • New medications are being developed all the time
  • Researchers are busier than ever trying to find a cure

Home Helpers understands that there will come a day when family members
alone can’t give all the help that may be needed
or may not have the knowledge to properly care for the patient as the
disease progresses. We offer above and beyond help to get through the
day comfortably. Our team can also assist in these areas:

  • Meal Planning/Nutrition. Parkinson’s patients need a diet that strengthens bones and muscles.
    Our caregivers understand how to help layout a menu that will be the most
    beneficial for your loved one.
  • Security and Supervision. Many patients with Parkinson’s Disease are older adults, when they
    may be getting unsteady on their feet anyway. An unsteady gait that comes
    with Parkinson’s can present challenges, but our caregiving team
    knows how to help keep your loved one safe by putting safety checks in
    place inside the house. They will go through the home and help you know
    what needs to change so that there is minimal risk of trips or falls.
  • Exercise and Mobility. The doctor may prescribe physical therapy or other exercises to help you
    stay as safe and mobile as possible. Our team can help you follow through
    with the home exercise routine.
  • Relieving Family Members. This might be one of the most important services of all—giving tired
    family members some rest. Parkinson’s Disease can be challenging
    and tiring in those times when everyone is getting used to the changes
    and learning how to find a new normal. Our compassionate caregivers can
    bring respite and expertise to stressed-out families while keeping the
    patient safe and comfortable! We want to be an extended family to you.

Call Home Helpers today at
(201) 574-1939
and let our skilled, caring and compassionate team of home care workers
prove why we’re one of the best in the business! We will treat your
loved one like our own.

Home Helpers Caregiver holding elderly woman as they walk

No matter what the case may be,
we are confident that we can help! Even if it’s just to get some
information, we want to be your go-to source for Parkinson’s care
in Park Ridge
. Remember, it’s always better to have all the information you need
before things get stressful—we will help equip you for that time!

At Home Helpers Home Care of Bergen County, our mission is to help your loved one remain independent
at the comfort of their own home. Call
(201) 574-1939 and
schedule your free in-home care assessment to find out how we can help.

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