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Author: Christine Browning

President's Corner - (For Caregivers)
By Christine L. Browning R.N.

I want to formally thank all of you on the caregiving team for your hard work and dedication. Home Helpers of Barrington and Palatine is a lifelong dream of mine and you are the day to day face of that dream coming true. Our mission is;

“ To improve the quality of life for clients of all ages and their families through comprehensive, quality, compassionate care.”

YOU! Are the face of our organization and I thank you for showing up on time every time, looking nice and with a smile on your face even though we all have those days where we don’t feel like smiling. I know we also have some clients that don’t make us feel like smiling either. The good news is that I have found that when you really put yourself in the client’s shoes it is so much easier to care for them. Many of them are in constant pain. They are frustrated remembering the days when they could do things for themselves. Our job is to make sure they can still do many if not all of those things with just a bit of help from us. We keep them in their home rather than in a home. We keep them safe and put their minds and the minds of their families at ease. All of this is possible because of you! So again, I thank you for making us the best homecare agency in the Northern Chicagoland suburbs!

“National Women’s History Month” 2017

Why Women’s History?

Pictured above is our own Christine Browning sharing a proud moment of accomplishment with her daughter Emily, when she graduated from college with a Bachelors in Elementary Education.

As we celebrate and recognize National Women’s History Month: we would like to recognize our own Team Leader.

As a female business owner, Christine leading the team, along with the help of her office staff, and her husband John’s support; has proven to be successful, as we as an Agency have catapulted into the top 50 of the Best of the Best that Home Helpers has to offer for 2016.

One of the greatest accomplishments is that Christine is one of the few owners in the Home Helpers top 50, who’s Agency is primarily female owned and operated. We have been nationally recognized for our overall performance which puts us in the top 15% of all other Home Helpers offices Nationwide, including an 96% overall rating through HomecarePulse.com which is determined by our very own clients.

Many people do not know just how much time and effort that goes into the everyday scheduling and logistics in the Homecare Industry. Christine committedly continues daily to be an active part of keeping the business running as smooth as possible. And let me tell you that there are many times when we need to problem solve on request without any warning.

Christine is always there with an attitude of “whatever it takes”. I know, as I work closely with her throughout the workday. It’s rare to have an owner involved as much as Christine is. She surely has the gift of service as she has been a Registered Nurse for just over 25 years. Not to mention she is a Mom of 6 with 3 adopted children. Two that of which are twins.

Being a mother as you know is a full - time job. Taking on owning a Homecare Agency is also a full time commitment. Christine credits her ability to manage both those, as well as her marriage to God alone. Her faith in Jesus is what gives her the strength and endurance to continue to run the race that she has been called to complete.

We are proud of our Team Captain. Let’s go Team Browning.

Written by Steven Krzyzyk

"Article of Interest”

Home Helpers of Barrington Receives 2017 Best of Home Care® Provider of Choice Award

BarringtonHome Helpers of Barrington today announced that it has received the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse. The Provider of Choice Award is granted only to the top ranking home care providers, based on client satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse. Home Helpers of Barrington is now ranked among a select few home care providers across the country who have proven their ability to provide outstanding care.

“We want to congratulate Home Helpers of Barrington on receiving the Best of Home Care Provider of Choice Award,” says Aaron Marcum, CEO and founder of Home Care Pulse. “Since this award is based on client feedback, it demonstrates their dedication to providing the highest quality of care with a focus on client satisfaction. We are pleased to recognize Home Helpers of Barrington’s dedication to quality, professionalism and expertise in home care.”

Best of Home Care Provider of Choice award-winning providers have contracted with Home Care Pulse to gather feedback from their clients by conducting live phone interviews with their clients each month. Because Home Care Pulse is an independent third-party company, they’re able to collect honest and unbiased feedback. These award-winning providers have received the highest satisfaction scores from their clients in areas such as professionalism, services provided, compassion of caregivers and overall quality of care.

“This award speaks volumes as it parallels the high caliber quality care that each of us on this wonderful team gives out every day,” says Christine L. Browning R.N., President / Home Helpers of Barrington.

“Our goal at Home Care Pulse is to empower home care businesses to deliver the best home care possible,” says Aaron Marcum. “We are happy to recognize Home Helpers of Barrington as a Best of Home Care Provider of Choice and to celebrate their accomplishments as a trusted home care provider.”

To find out more about Home Helpers of Barrington’s commitment to excellence, please visit http://www.homehelpershomecare.com/barrington or call (847) 750-3016

About Home Helpers

Our mission is to be the extended family when the family can’t be there – providing top quality in-home care and home health care services that improve quality of life and create peace of mind. We work with you to help your family make the best care decisions with customized, affordable options that keep your loved ones where they belong: at home, living safe, independent, and engaged lives.

Founded in 1997, Cincinnati-based Home Helpers is one of the nation’s leading senior-care franchises, specializing in comprehensive home care services for seniors, expectant and new mothers, those recovering from illness or injury and individuals facing lifelong challenges. Home Helpers currently has a presence in more than 600 communities across North America and is seeking qualified franchise candidates in strategic communities throughout the country. Home Helpers was recently ranked the #1 Senior Care Franchise and “Best of the Best” by Entrepreneur magazine for the fifth straight year and continues to lead the way in the senior-care industry. Home Helpers is affiliated with Direct Link Help At The Touch Of A Button, a national provider of medical alert units, including a 24-hour personal emergency response system, an automated medication dispenser and vital signs monitoring units that enable seniors to feel safer and live independently at home for longer than might otherwise be possible. Home Helpers does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of religion, race, sex, color, national origin, ethnicity, disability, age or sexual orientation in connection with employment or acceptance, treatment or participation in its programs, services and activities.

About Home Care Pulse

Home Care Pulse is the home care industry’s leading firm in performance benchmarking and quality satisfaction management, serving hundreds of home care businesses across North America. Home Care Pulse is the industry’s top resource for education, business development, agency certification, and proof of quality, including the prestigious Best of Home Care® Awards. Click here to learn more about the Private Duty Benchmarking Study and the Home Care Pulse VANTAGE program. For more information, please call Home Care Pulse at (877) 307-8573 or visit homecarepulse.com.

"Caregiver of the Quarter"

Cathy, is what we call a natural. Born to serve is in her blood. Cathy has been in the Caregiving industry for the past 30 years. The feedback we get from our clients is proof of her ability to not only understand the client, but to be able to know what to expect, and how to respond in any given situation. Even when she was feeling a bit under the weather, she was committed to being there for our client. There are many that do their job well, but then there are others who do more than they are asked. We value all of our wonderful caregivers, and we are grateful for their commitment to excellence. Cathy, we salute you. Thank you for your service and positive attitude that you always present, as we now present you with this award.

“5 Star Client Testimonial”

★★★★★ Wednesday morning I received a very lovely bouquet of flowers! They are beautiful! Thank you so much. It felt like yet another loving way Home Helpers was taking care of me.

We are so grateful for the loving care given to my Mother the past two years. The patience, care, cheerfulness, and loving spirit that Bernie showed everyday brightened my Mom. She trusted Bernie and felt secure and safe in her presence. She always looked forward to seeing Bernie walk through that door every morning at 9:00 am! Susan was also a favorite, with her easy going manner and loving, generous spirit. She too has a cheerful, upbeat way that lifted my Mom up.

I hope to talk to both of those women personally as they have meant so much to us for the past two years. We miss them.

Christine, if you ever need a recommendation or reference we would be happy to do that.


Robyn S.

Lake Zurich, Il

“ Veterans Honored 2017 ”

It’s that time of year again. The curse is broken, so stand up and cheer. Let’s Go Cubbies Go, and let’s win another pennant this year. Yes, we are once again taking our Veterans “out to the ball game” this coming May. It is for sure going to be a Fun Time, and we are excited again to serve our select clients who served us in a way that will not be forgotten.

“Caregiver Photo of the Quarter”

This was taken by our own “Christine” while serving on a missions trip in Thailand this past February with her husband John, as their daughter Emily is serving in the “World Race”.

"Caregiver Tip of the Quarter”

Caring for the Caregiver

February 06, 2017 By Jeffrey Stoker

Finding yourself in the role of family caregiver can leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Although caring for a family member is an act of loyalty, kindness, and love, you probably never anticipated being in this situation and may not know where to start. It's important to know your limits and to be realistic about the amount of time you can give to caring for your loved one while continuing to maintain your personal life as well.

Building a support system is crucial to avoiding caregiver burnout. Finding an online support groupor one that meets locally can give you an outlet and remind you that you are not alone. Your burden will be lightened just by having someone to gives support and understands what you're going through. They may also have advice that is invaluable, as they may have already experienced similar trials and situations-especially if they are caring for someone with the same illness as you are.

You may be experiencing a variety of emotions including anxiety, guilt, and even anger or resentment. These feelings certainly don't mean that you don't love your family member, and it is most definitely okay to feel these things. But don't keep them to yourself, find a trusted friend, family member, or fellow caregiver that you can confide in.

In the beginning you may feel as though you can do it all, but even if you are the primary family caregiver, you'll need help. Don't be afraid to ask other family members to step in, or look into respite careso that you'll be sure to get a break now and then. Neglecting to seek needed support can compromise your ability to care for your loved one as well as yourself. It can be hard to ask fro help, no matter how badly you need it, but often others are willing to help but are uncertain where to start. By having a clear knowledge of the areas you're able to cover, as well as the tasks you need assistance with, you'll be able to make needs known and speak with those individuals who would best fill that need. Remind yourself to accept when someone offers assistance.

Taking the necessary steps to ensure you don't feel as though you're in over your head or sacrificing yourself in order to care for you loved one will help you cope with your new responsibilities. Taking care of yourself is essential, and that includes ensuring that your duties as a caregiver don't take over your entire life. Make it a priority to continue to enjoy the things you did before taking on the role of family caregiver. Stay social and engaged with friends and family, don't isolate yourself. Maintaining balance in your life by taking time for hobbies or interests is vital to a well-rounded life and can boost your spirits and give you sense of self, and an identity outside of your caregiver role.

Regular exercise and a healthy diet are crucial, and exercise can help relieve stress as well as boost your energy. Nutritious meals provide stamina throughout the day and can assist our bodies when coping with stress. Knowing how much sleep you needand getting the rest your body requires increases productivity and energy as well as boosts your mood.

Caring for the caregiver is just as important as caring for your loved one. Unaddressed, the stress of caregiving can impact your health and lead to burnout. When this happens, it's challenging to take care of yourself, not to mention your loved one you're caring for.

Home Helpers’ trained caregivers can step in to provide you time for an afternoon at the movies, a weekend away with friends or just a quick trip to the grocery store. Just give us a call. We’ll make life a little easier and 2017 a little healthier.

Birthdays for the Quarter

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We understand that choosing a Caregiver Agency to assist your family is a big step. It’s one that requires Trust. That’s why we choose to have our Caregivers carefully screened, background checked, and drug tested so that they can fully care for you. Life certainly does not always go the way we want it. There are certainly many detours and distractions along the way. We hope you too find Peace, Rest, and Help in God’s Love.


Thank You!!!

John & Christine Browning R.N., and the Caregiving Team at Home Helpers.



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